• Alan Jose
  • July 24, 2019

There are many lending companies who don’t offer loans to a person with bad credit. Because of many unavoidable circumstances, borrower couldn’t able to repay the amount on time which creates a negative impact on his profile and eventually affects his/her credit score.

Before giving fund, lenders check your credit history and if they find any negative report; without any further discussion, they reject the application. So, this becomes tough for bad credit holders to get loans.

You don’t have to lose hope, as you can still get a loan with the help of bad credit loans.

What are Bad Credit Loans?

Don’t worry! You are not alone with a bad credit score; it affects millions of other UK consumers too. There are various reasons behind knocking down your credit score. Though your bad credit score can restrict access to many conventional finances but it will not create any obstacle to get bad credit loans direct lender. Although these loans charge high interest but you will get a small amount instantly to support your financial problems.

This loan is a part of an unsecured loan and it is specially designed to achieve your short term goals. The lenders reject large amounts of appeal and in most cases, they approved relatively small sums. And this amount should be paid within a week or a month.

It would be better if you use this money to complete your short term goals.

How to apply for Bad Credit Loans?

Applying online is the easiest and simplest way. But you can apply if you satisfy these eligibility criteria mentioned below.

  • You must have a current account
  • You must be over 18 years old
  • No other active loan balances
  • You must belong to the UK

The points mentioned above are the minimum requirements; it may happen that lender goes for further investigation if they will find everything ok then you may get the full amount or a lender will offer a small sum. If you accept the deal then money will instantly transfer to your current account.

No need to involve ‘third party’

Bad credit loans without guarantor were rare and this was tough for the lenders to give loans to a person without any guarantor and also with bad credit. But thankfully, this is changed now and many money lending companies ready to fund needy ones without any such obligation.

The lender will charge the high-interest rate as compared to loans with guarantors. And it is obvious because lending money in such cases is risky for any firm. But the best part is you will get money instantly.

Is trying to improve credit score a good idea?

Yes, if you have enough time and you are not in a hurry then you should improve your credit score because this will help you to get a personal loan with less interest rate and without any hassle. You can get your report from credit reference agencies.

Does spending bad credit loan affect by any rules and regulations?

Getting loan in this way is fast and flexible as compared to other loans. Filling online forms to get approval is quite fast and the lender never asks the reason from you. You can use it in your way means on anything but it would be better if you use borrowed money wisely. If you spend this money blindly then you may have to face the consequences.

You can spend on expenses mentioned below:

To pay your bills: Shortage of money for a smaller time can bring more challenges to you. In this case, bad credit loans help you to bridge to overcome problems.

Servicing of car: To keep your car on the road, you have to take care of your vehicle as a child. Suppose you don’t have money to repair the tyres of the car and you are not using it, then it may lead to a big loss. But you can use the fund to get back your car on the road.

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