• Alan Jose
  • October 7, 2019

The answer can be ‘yes’ and also ‘no’. Actually, it all depends on how you tackle the loan payments and also what type of lender and loan deal you choose. The bad credit situation is already complicated and you cannot be careless on any aspect.

Below are the two aspects. One says that payday loans are beneficial in poor credit situation. The other aspect says payday loans may not be advisable in poor credit situation.

Situation one – Yes payday loans are beneficial

The points that describe you can rely on the loans.

  • You have specialised assistance through online bad credit payday loans

Normally, there is no help to the poor credit scorers if they approach to mainstream lenders. The conventional lending practices are fair but the stringency of rules obstructs the solution. However, through online payday funding, you can get the money that is specifically designed for your situation.

  • Even unemployed can take

This may sound stunning but it is true. Even if you are unemployed and have bad credit, the funds can be borrowed if you prove the repayment capacity. However, you need to search for the loan option with the payday loans for unemployed by direct lenders. There are variety of options, loan offers and you can always find them easily.

  • The funds reach instantly

It is not easy for a bad credit scorer to imagine immediate financial help but payday loans provide that easily and instantly. Time is money and money is time. Approval decision in just 30 seconds and fund disbursement in 10 minutes. It is certainly a huge support when your last minute needs knock your door.

  • Customization as an obvious feature

The payday loan lenders provide funds with customized deals. This prevents the exaggerated interest rates and the funds come smoothly. The direct lenders intentionally do this because their aim is not only to provide loans but also to help people with low credit score.

  • Improve credit rating

As the deals are customized, the installments are not very big in amount. If you pay them on time, the credit rating improves. In fact, if you have taken the loan for one month and you pay off the complete amount on the next payday, it is good for your finances. The payday loans have a little higher interest rate than the other loan products. The finance companies always pay heed to the obligations of high interest rates. If you are paying them on the right time, it adds a good point in your financial records.

  • Borrow without obligation and that too without credit check

The ubiquitous fact is people with low credit score; do not want to get through the credit check process.  The search footprint is not a healthy thing for their credit records. Also, they may not be in a situation to provide guarantor and collateral. The problem is solved by the way. The bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check  are the saviors. If you also want any such assistance, these loans are always there online 24×7 365 days.

Situation Two – payday loans may not be advisable

The points that describe the points where payday funding can go a little against your financial situations

  • The interest rates are high

You need to think twice before applying for the payday loan, as they are always high in the interest rates. If you do not have the repayment capacity, you may not borrow funds and in that case, the need remains unfulfilled.

  • Bad credit situation may become worst in case of missed repayment

In case, you do not pay the installment(s) on time, the bad credit situation may become worst. That invites the vicious circle of spoiled finances. Certainly, it is not good for your financial health and future. Take the funds only if you can pay it off on the right time.


The above reasons are the two sides of a coin. While borrowing funds you need to take care of both. Now judge according to your personal financial circumstances and decide if the payday loans are beneficial or not.

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