Can I Borrow Money from a Bank with Bad Credit?
  • Alan Jose
  • January 24, 2019

Yes, banks are the best option to apply for a loan. For your information, it is to clear your mind that banks are the option on which you bank upon to get your loan approved for any type of financial state. The second most important thing to keep in mind is that, if you fall under the category of poor credit report then also banks have special loans to cure the credit record in the best possible way. Only people who afford to pay the installments on high interest rates are most welcomed to apply for the loans.

But! What about unemployed who cannot meet the feature of high rates? (Borrower Asked)

Do not worry dear mates! You can always find the best alternative for yourself. Approaching a responsible direct lender can divide trouble. Apply for the best service like loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees during unemployedsituation.

How bank treat unemployed for loans?

Bank takes special care for the ones who are currently not working and help them to start with new projects by approving loans for their requirements. They only share their funds with the people, who give the higher outstanding results from their projects in order to cover the loan amount.

What are the characteristics of a bad credit borrower if he applies from a bank?

Bank performs a crucial criterion to check the authenticity of a risk free borrower, as follows:

  • If a borrower is having a bad credit report and wants to use bank for his loan approval then he has to deal it on high interest rates.
  • Bank gives priority to secured loans for the unemployed poor credit borrowers because that helps bank to take out money from borrower if he or she fails to repay the amount. (Secured loans ask for collateral to put against the loan amount and a guarantor on good credit score).
  • Bank keeps a strict eye on the previous employment history and on the earnings of self-employed borrowers.

Note– Not every borrower can stand on the pedestal of bank norms. Feel free to knock the doors of payday loans for unemployed from direct lenders for an instant approval and zero risk of rejection due to low credit score (A Ray of Hope).

Why direct lenders are best for unemployed to fetch loans?

It is important to read about all the resources before applying for a loan. This will not help you to gain confidence to choose for the best option and gives you more space of ease in order to repay the amount. With their various policies like unsecured loans, instalment loan and payday loans, an unemployed individual can select according to the need of the situation. They provide loans on flexible interest rates, which is suitable for every borrower. The last option will force you find for an immediate lender because they provide the facility to select the repayment amount according to the borrower’s comfort. Therefore, they minus the risk of losing any property and trust borrower’s calibre in order to receive the amount back.

 Lenders vs. banks

  • Banks charge high interest rates and lenders give on flexible interest rates.
  • From banks, you can secure selective borrowings and from lenders, you can avail any borrowings.
  • Banks check strict eligibility criterion but lenders follows with alternatives like income status from any source or employment history.
  • Banks do hard credit check and lenders applies no credit check
  • It is important to bring a guarantor in case of bad credit (banks), only when borrower applies to guarantor loan (lenders).


Where to apply? That call is totally yours. Make sure that you are geared up with all sorts of information. Whether to apply from a bank or from a lender, you must trust yourself that you can return the amount on any condition. For example, loans for unemployed with no guarantor can become your key to unlock the doors for future.

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