Christmas Jumper Day
  • Alan Jose
  • December 7, 2019

In just a few years, the Christmas jumper day has become an event where the entire Briton likes to participate with excitement. This year, the day will be organised on Friday 13th December. The fundraising charity saves the children like every other year, request all the UK citizens to participate in the campaign by making the world a better place with a sweater and raise funds to save the children from all over the world.

All you need to do to participate in the campaign is to wear a Christmas Jumper and make a donation of at least £1 that will be used for the betterment of the needy ones. The Christmas Jumper day is mostly observed on schools and workplaces. Other than that, people can also take part in additional fundraising events to gather funds for donating in the campaign.  

Here, we will be discussing everything that you need to know if you are planning to participate in Christmas Jumper this year.

Who can participate in the Christmas Jumper 2019?

This is the day where all the schools, offices, sports team, colleges and every individual are inspired to take participate in the campaign. They are encouraged to ditch their normal winter wears and go for Christmas Jumpers that they can take out from their old closets, buy one or simply knit themselves.

What’s special this year is that many celebrities including Holly Willoughby, James Blunt and Katie Piper all have shown their interest in showing full support to the campaign. Last years, over 4 million people participated by wearing jumpers and donating money for the better cause.

How much it cost to participate?

Since the launch of Christmas Jumper day in 2012, the charity has collected an overall amount of £21 million to help in building a better future for the children all over the world. To participate in the campaign, you will be asked to display their festive knit and donate a minimum amount of £2 for the welfare of the children.

The required amount of donating an amount for schools, groups, workplaces will be only £1 where the students have to come in the Christmas related jumper. There are various e-commerce websites such as where you can do your clothing shopping where 25% of the overall sale will be donated to Charity.

 What steps are required to register for the campaign?

For the donation, you have to simply sign in or register online. For the school students and the staff, taking part is quite easy where they will receive a game plan that will be packed with posters and stickers. Also, different fun activities will be organised to make the event more memorable and joyful for the youngsters.

And the workplaces and offices who wish to sign up in a team will be given a pack consisting of posters and ideas for the fun activities that can be conducted in a workplace.  Now, for the family members who want to join the campaign with the family can also apply for the free pack that can be participated directly from home.

Special things that you can do for the donation

The time and funds needed to join on the Christmas Jumper day are quite easy, and most importantly, you will be giving your time for a good cause. If you want to do more, then these are things that you can do:

  • Organise a bake sale to generate big funds
  • Knit a lot of sweaters and sell them

You might need additional some cash to do all such activities, that you can simply get by approaching a direct lender and apply for small Christmas loans that are provided for unemployed people.

Wrapping up, this Christmas Jumper contributes to the society by joining the campaign either with your school mates, office colleagues or simply with your family.

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