• Alan Jose
  • February 25, 2019

Credit rating is a fragile thing to handle and maintain. It reflects the effect of every bit of your financial behaviour. Manage finances well and it goes high and accordingly whole finance industry comes to your service. Countless deals on financial products like credit card, car loans, home loans, debt consolidation, all come in the queue. While on the other hand, if credit score/rating is bad, oops! The same finance companies act reluctant. You are not a safe bet anymore. But poor credit is not an impossible situation. The poor credit loans on instant decision that are short-term, are more like tools to repair your credit score performance.

The online lenders offer these loans with different deals and features. Before you apply for the loan, it is better to know everything about yourself. This is important as the lenders may have few things to ask from you. As the customisation is the decided feature these loans, lenders need to know everything about your finances.

You Should Know the Reasons of Your Bad Credit Scores

The reason that caused the degrade in your credit score is vital to know. A default in a debt is different but CCJ case is something that creates an intense concern. The later situation certainly needs a special treatment.  To tell the loan company, first you should know why did it happen. There can be several reasons for the fall in credit score performance.

Let us take all the three above causes of bad credit one by one.

  1. Your failure to stand on the terms of your credit agreement is not good for your financial health. This includes making loan repayments or credit card payments late or missing them altogether. Information about this appears on your credit report.
  2. Bankruptcy is another potential cause to harm your financial life. Not only this, some other equally destructive reasons include in this. Taking the option of the Individual Voluntary Agreement or if you are having a County Court Judgement against you, an adverse impact is sure to come. In fact, this can push in very bad credit situation.
  3. You may thing that every month you are paying at least the minimum repayment of your credit cards. In reality, this too have bad impact as this makes the lenders think that the person is struggling hard to clear the debts.

How Bad Credit Loans Help in the Above Situations?

Well, the direct lending has specialised financial solutions, which include several for bad credit people. The loan applicants apply and get funds, which solves more than one purpose.

  • Borrow funds despite bad credit and pay the pending debts and obligations that make the credit ratings go bad.
  • Customised deals are affordable. Pay the instalments on time and improve the credit ratings.
  • Once the credit rating improves with the timely repayments, you can qualify for other loans and credit cards. This again starts the journey towards the financial goals.

In case, somehow the credit rating falls up to the worst level then very bad credit loans with no guarantor by direct lender are also in queue.

The Ideal Situations to Qualify for the Loans

The lenders are ready to take risk to offer funds despite bad credit. Obviously, there should be some sort of compensation for them. Provide few situations and approval may come easier.

A repayment capacity that is reliable – No matter how pathetic is your financial situation, but you need to repay the loan. For that, there should be something that can make the lender feel that ‘YES’ you have the capacity to repay the loan. Anything from your current income status to any other source of income is a workable thing to present to get the approval. Also, more promising you are on the repayment capacity, more relaxation on the interest rates can come with customisation.  

Start paying the debts on time and earn an improvement in credit score – The journey may look long, but small efforts sometimes give big result. Start paying your obligations on time and then earn a gradual but promising increase in your credit rating. The applicants of the very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker should certainly work on this. They are more prone to rejections and not a single effort should be missed to improve the chances of approval.

Do not let credit score issues act monstrous and work quickly on the most suitable and related solutions. Today has its vital impact on tomorrow and it is important to make sure that the impact always remains good.

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