• Alan Jose
  • October 14, 2019

25th December, the day of Christmas, is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus. And this is the reason every people in the UK and all over the world rejoice this moment. But, there is one problem most to the people face and that is “MONEY PROBLEM”. Christmas does not bring happiness but extra expenses too. Not everyone in the world is rich, some people want to enjoy but because of their sudden financial crisis, they won’t. 

To prevail over this situation, many online lenders in the UK provide their helping hand to needy ones. They offer various types of loans and even Christmas loans. In this, you can easily get instant funds to manage the Christmas expenditures. 

There are other assistances that you may not receive from traditional lenders. We have discussed some ways that will make your path easy to get a guaranteed Christmas loans

Let’s have a look at the ways…

How to get fast approval Christmas loan

No one knows what will happen tomorrow. And this is the reason you will never prepare in advance and need quick financial assistance. 

  • Good or fine Credit score: 

If you have a good credit score, then you may receive instant approval. It is because your borrowing history represents how much liable you are with your previous lenders. However, there are many such situations occur where people fail to repay the amount on time. 

This leads them to poor credit history. And if you are among them, then you can apply too. Online lenders are very flexible and they provide loans for bad credit people. Here, you have to remember one thing that your interest rate may vary as compare to a person with a perfect credit score. 

  • Providing guarantor

As we have discussed that with poor credit scores, loan providers may charge some extra interest. If you think that interest rate is not what you have expected, then loans with a guarantor can help you a lot. In this, direct lenders will not perform any credit check. 

With this, you will receive benefits such as:

  1. Instant approval
  • Lower interest rate
  • Flexible repayment timing

Before you apply with a guarantor, you have to take care of a few points regarding a guarantor. We have mentioned those below:

  • You can choose anyone as a guarantor as long as it is not financially connected (i.e. a spouse)
  • Guarantor should belong to the UK as well as must have a good credit score

Loans for Christmas are basically unsecured. The lender will not perform any rigid criteria over your loan application. And they will verify the guarantor only if he has a good source of income. This will perform because, at the time of default, the guarantor will have to pay the full amount. 

  • Short term Christmas loans in the UK 

If you need a small loan and want to clear the debt fast, then Christmas funds for a short period may be an ideal choice. You can even borrow a small amount that may start as £100 loan direct lender even with bad credit history. This is the best way to manage small expenses that may ruin this memorable day. 

  • Line of credit

Many such situations occur where people do not have any idea about the expenses. At that moment, choosing some random borrowing money can introduce various problems such as:

  1. If you borrow more than you need: In this condition, you are wasting your remaining money OR you may end up paying the interest rate for a longer period. 
  1. If you borrow less than you need: You do not want to apply for the loan again and again. It may mess up the situation. 

You can easily manage it with the help of LINE OF CREDIT. You might be surprised to know that this provides you with freedom to choose the amount. You only have to pay the amount that you will use. 

Note: This type of aid is provided by very few direct lenders. You have to do some research before you choose the direct lenders. 

The above-mentioned points show how easily you can get the Christmas loans. Don’t bother about your financial situation and don’t let lack of money to ruin this day. Just follow what we have discussed. 

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