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  • Alan Jose
  • April 1, 2019

Small to very small amount of money is a precious treasure for you after the job loss. Suddenly your mind becomes a calculator and every single coin is used for an actual purpose. Desires, late night parties and weekend hangouts go on a rest for a while.  Priority bills become the focus. Savings are the big support but they are limited and are of ‘soon will be over’ nature. In that case, it is necessary to find a paddle to row the boat of finances from stubborn waves of crisis that flows against you. Among the common way outs, help from friends and family and selling your stuff are workable. But what if the need of money goes beyond that?

Unemployed Loans Can Be the Alternative

For an option, it is not bad to consider borrowing funds from a lender. Not mainstream may be as they have the restrictions of set rules in which employment status matters a lot. In online lending, where repayment capacity is a more important factor than the employment status, several deals of loans for unemployed are available.

Start with a Good Deep Dive of Loan Market

The loan market is vast and versatile in terms of features and offers. Research is the best tool to bring out best results. You need to find the most suitable loan choice that feeds your needs absolutely and perfectly. Also, a precaution is necessary to detect the expensive deals. Explore the online loan lenders; study their quotes and APRs as the rates have a direct impact on repayments. Find a loan choice that can fit to your pocket and is not heavy in instalments. The loans have the feature of personalised pricing.

Pick A Lender and Apply with the Following Formalities

Once you choose the lender, visit the site and apply for the loan. The procedure is not time-consuming as all the unemployed loans are of short-term nature with no obligation of collateral and guarantor.

  1. Eligibility

Only a few things that are asked usually by most of the lenders.

  • Age should be minimum 18 years
  • Should have a bank account
  • A reliable repayment capacity
  • A mobile number
  • Address proof

Note Repayment capacity can be proved with salary slips of last job. Any additional income should also be mentioned while filling the application form.

  • Application Procedure
  • Submit the loan application (the application form asks only for a few personal and financial details)
  • Wait for the approval decision (do not worry, it is only a matter of a short while as the lenders have instant approval decision policy)
  • Receive funds in the bank account. This too does not take much time.

Remember approval decision is on the discretion of the lender.

AN IMPORTANT FACT – APRsAre Just Headline Rates Not Applicable To All Amounts

All lenders display an APR on the website and borrowers think that their loan amount too comes under the same rate. But that APR may be applicable to a certain amount which can be more or less than your loan amount. This can change according to the amount you want to take from the lender. Do not get confused if you get a different APR as the final rate quote.

What If You Have Bad Credit?

Unemployed loans are available for bad credit people too. In fact, (very few) lenders also offer very bad credit loans with multiple features. For instance, the very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker facilitate funding without any obligation. The interest rates in such loans are high, personalised pricing helps but good repayment capacity is more impactful to calm down the rates.

It Is Important To Know About The Lender’s Policy Of Credit Score

Many lenders provide funds to bad credit people but some constraints exist. According to Experian, 561-720 is the bad credit score category. Any person that falls in this category has bad credit rating. But the lenders may have different criteria. If one lender considers the applicant with 561 credit score, the other may not even accept the applications of those with less than 650 credit score. This is an important fact that you should know being an unemployed as well as bad credit borrower.

Not only this, another important aspect is, lenders take credit report from different credit reference agencies. These agencies have different parameters to assign credit score ratings. If in one agency you have bad credit rating, another agency may have a fair credit score on your name. You can now imagine how even the small things influence. Choose smartly as everything can affect your finances.

By the way, there is a good news too. Despite unemployment, you can get funds at home through the doorstep loans for unemployed people. Application and approval decision happens online and disbursement happens at your home.  

The Final Thing…..

A complete picture is the result of many small elements. Same is the case with the loans. From your choice of loan to the policy of the lender, everything matters. Study your finances, find the financial gaps, match it with a right kind of loan and take funds. Forget not to commit yourself to repay on time to prevent any chaos in the future of financial life.

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