• Alan Jose
  • September 17, 2019

Sitting on your favourite rocking chair on the porch, watching your grandchildren playing outside and watching the setting sun at the same time; sounds too overwhelming? Well, this is exactly what a typical person imagines his retirement life. However, saying this might be easy but to convert this dream into reality, you have to make your best efforts from the very start.

Yes, you heard it right! To live a peaceful and stress-free retirement life, good financial decisions are required during the younger days of your life. The more you will be saving; the better will be your retirement life. You will become self-dependent and you won’t have to bother any of the children during any need. However, when you are already dealing with debt, saving for your retirement pot can be very difficult. Still, it is not impossible as one can save money for their saving account even if you are dealing with too much debt.

  • Get the budget first

For any financial goal, you need a budget that can help you achieve it. And, as you are handling your debt at one side and saving for your retirement on the other, you definitely need a budget. While creating the budget, mention all your expenses and also note down the amount that you want to save. After that, check the expenses that you can simply cut to boost your savings and your debts.

  • Don’t ignore your debts at all

Yes, you need to put as money as possible in your pension pot as much as possible. But, in the meantime, you also need to clear your debts. Now, what’s the point of having saved so much money for your retirement, where you still have so much debt to pay. Thus, your best approach would be to establish a balance between your debt and saving plan. Target the small and high-interest rates debts first and pay them as soon as possible. If needed, you can approach a direct lender and apply for bad credit loans that you can get with no guarantor and no credit check.  Such funds will help you to get rid of your old debts that can make your credit score even worse.

  • Reduce your spending

Another important financial step that you will have to take is simple control your expenses. You won’t be able to save for your retirement if you are carelessly spending your money. This doesn’t mean that you should start sacrificing on your basic necessities. Try to cut the expenses that are not so important like paying the club membership charges, shopping every now and then and other discretionary expenses. Also, it will be better if you keep the use of credit card to the limited and rely on cash more.

  • Always keep your credit score high

No one on this planet is immune to financial emergencies. Sooner or later, there will be a time when you will take a new debt, insurance or any other financial product. Now, to get the best deals, you have to ensure that your credit score is pretty good. But, in case, your credit score is highly damaged because of your credit, then you can apply for very bad credit loans from any reputed direct lender in the market. Taking this short term debt and repaying it on time will help in giving a boost to your credit score. Further, this will make it easy for you to apply for a new debt later.

Wrapping up, these were the important tips that can help you clear your debt and save funds for your retirement at the same time. Make sure that you keep a balance between the two rather focusing solely on any one of them.

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