• Alan Jose
  • March 25, 2019

The quicksand has a strange nature; more you struggle to come out, more you get stuck. Not very different is the situation of unemployment. The available funds are less and despite all the efforts, the expenses do not seem to surrender in the limited money you have. After this, every single day starts turning into a turmoil and grief on money matters become intense. But if life moves on, why not you too do the same. How? By finding a practical solution. Forget not the familiar phrase ‘every problem has a solution.’ May be not many but some escape windows can help face the financial fickle.

The Dignified Way – Don’t Ask for Money, Borrow On Your Own Affordability

It is not easy to tell two things about your financial weakness altogether. First is – you are jobless, Second, you are out of money. It is not bad to ask for money from friends and family but perhaps it is human nature that provokes you to try to manage the things on your own. The loans for unemployed may help fight the situation. These are short-term loans with no obligation of collateral and guarantor. Bad credit and very bad credit people can also avail. However, the interest rates are higher but that are possible to control with customisation. Only three steps to complete the procedure. 1. Apply online, 2. Get approval decision (instant), 3. Receive funds in your account.

Saving Of Yesterday Is an Investment for Today

It is neither an idiom, nor a quote but just a practical suggestion. If you are among the people who love to save, then nothing else can be more supportive than the saved money to manage days. Feel proud on yourself, bring out the money and use it wisely to prevent stressful chaos. This is the time when you can actually understand the importance of every single pound you saved. Prioritise and spend only on the most important expenses. Things that can be delayed are not annoying.

You know what? There is one rule that one should follow while using the savings. Keep a determination to put the same amount back when life returns to normality after the new job.

Explore Part Time or Freelance Work for Extra Income

Leisure is not luxury when it pairs with unemployment. The spare time you have can find its better use in some part-time job or freelance work. Extra income during financial crisis plays the role of main income. Online projects, virtual assistance work, content writer, voice-artist, whatever suits you best, go for it. As full day is in your hand, it is possible to take projects from more than one field. For instance, at work as a virtual assistant for a few hours every day and for rest of the time, take freelance writing projects.

It is perhaps the best way-out to avoid the loans on high rates. Especially if your credit scores are very bad and you are planning to take very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker, then think twice. However, these loans can help improve credit rating with timely payments of customised repayment plans. Everything has many aspects. Choice is yours.

Get Money for the Old Rope 

There is also one effortless way to get some funds. ‘Some to Several to Many’ things are there in your house, that are of no use anymore. Why not use them and earn some extra money with no effort. Organise a yard sale and sell off everything that occupies only space in the house. Make sure, the things you put in the yard sale are in good condition and doing well in their function. There may be a little investment to arrange the sale, for instance, promotion, but the return on investment is far better. Although, it is not necessary to publish and distribute the pamphlets. The ‘word of mouth’ publicity is a potential tool to communicate about the sale in your local community.

From taking no obligation unemployed loans with no guarantor to selling your old stuff, unemployment does not remain an impossible situation. The importance is just of right choice according to your own situation. Study the finances, find out the financial gaps, fill it with an appropriate solution, and achieve the long desired relief.

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