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  • Alan Jose
  • April 2, 2018

YES, it will be a good bargain and there are many reasons to prove that. In the list of most promising way outs of poor credits, the loans without guarantors have a noticeable place. The financial convenience that accompanies these loans, leave no space for any second thought on their utility. They are like instant relief medicines that provide a prominent shield against any issue, related to the credit scores. Now when they have paired with the FinTech Market, their reach has become even better.

Here are some very good reasons to convince you on the potential of the guarantor-free loans –

No rejections on bad credits

Availing funds from such products carry no constraint of credit scores. A bad credit borrower can apply for the loan as rightfully as a good credit borrower can. From bad credit means the scores of 561-720.

Paperless pounds

The bad credit borrowers do not need to go through the complicated documentation procedures. For them too, the application to disbursal process will be online and instant. They will get the approval in a surprisingly short time and timely disbursal will naturally follow.

No collateral or second applicant

In the unsecured loans without a guarantor, the applicant avail funds without providing collateral and guarantor. In bad credit situations, most of the people do not have the capacity to bear the burden on obligations like these. Promoting unusual and borrower-friendly lending practices in the finance industry, the online lender provides funds without any obligatory demands.

Current financial status and APRs compensate the obligation part

You may wonder that how a loan can be so achievable for a bad credit borrower. But, the lenders have an easy way to secure their benefits, which is trouble-free for the borrowers too. You provide the current financial records and they offer you a suitable loan deal. Besides, as these funding options are unsecured, their short-term loan tenure carries little higher interest rates.

Safer borrowing – All thanks to the rise of ‘Blockchain technology’

Data infringement and compromised securities have always been a matter of concern for the FinTech industry. But, the recent blockchain technology has changed the game. This technology ensures the safety of financial transactions. It was basically, designed to safeguard the transactions of cryptocurrency world. Now it is entering in the FinTech Market where many online lenders are working on the deployment of this technology. If your lender is using this technology, then borrowing funds from the loans for bad credit with no guarantor will be safe.

The guarantor-free funding options are always reliable and provide uncompromised financial security. These are the sources of instant funds. Little efforts to make timely repayments in its short tenure also help in credit score improvements.

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