• Alan Jose
  • June 17, 2019

When we look at the today’s scenario, there would be very tough for everyone to analyse what would happen in the future. On one day, you may be performing well in your company, fulfilling the targets and getting a lot of incentives. On another day, you feel very unfortunate to be left out from the job and in such situation, surviving in terms of finances would be a huge task to complete. For some days, you may be able to cope up with regular financial expenses but if the wait for new job goes further, problem does exist. In the UK, many people are facing the same situations and seeking for worthy lending options.

Before coming to the possibilities, let us discuss about the complexity of getting loans for unemployed people, especially when you have bad credit and no guarantor to back you. It is indeed a tricky situation where the borrowers need to secure funds from external sources but no one is there to help them by signing as the loan guarantor. Similarly, the bad credit score also reduces the chances of borrowing funds.

Now comes to the solution. Availing loans from the direct lenders opens up the possibility of getting some funds on an immediate basis. These are the short term loans and thus, lenders are usually not interested in going through the borrowers’ credit histories and they accept loan applications, despite no guarantor is there.

Some Loan Features:

When it comes to the loan exemptions, the direct lending market in the UK has plenty to offer. And, this market is also known as the FinTech market. The reason is that loans are offered through the online technology. The unemployed borrowers apply for loans online and they get the funds transfer also through online medium. It means eradicating the financial issues early becomes a possibility here. Like these, there are also many other features of unemployed loans with bad credit:

  • Flexibility is the key factor that we cannot leave if talking about these loans. The lenders, who are offering such small funding sources, usually follow the flexible policies and offer the interest rates according to the personal circumstances.
  • Paperless procedure paves the way for quick funding access. As said earlier, everything will be done through online path and thus getting financial help immediately is no more impossible with these sorts of small loans.
  • When you are jobless, there is no surety that when you will get a new job. Anyone can manage the expenses during that period after availing these loans. You can tell your lender that you are working hard to be cleared for the next job.
  • Since you are unemployed, lenders have no objection to accept your side income sources to getting back the repayments. They can be either from home based work like freelancing or through your rental property.

Doors Also Open for People with Very Bad Credit Scores

Unemployment is such a stage where an individual gets trapped from all corners. A poor credit score is the much familiar outcome of this situation. Or worse we can say that it may go below to very poor score. Yes, many jobless individuals are facing the consequences of adverse credit scores. But hold on!

When we are discussing about the importance of direct lending, we again come up with a proper solution. This time, the solution is very bad credit loans and interestingly you can get this with no guarantor and no broker. The online lending has dominated the marketplace nowadays and from analysing the loan deals to the application procedure can be done without taking help of any third party whether it is a guarantor or a broker. Why to reveal your financial situation to any other person and why to pay extra charges when you can directly apply for the loans? Hope, you can understand… Now it’s time to conclude. Being unemployed or having a bad credit score, you still don’t need to feel disappointed. Keep an aware mind and look around the solutions available in the form of simple and straightforward loan options. Once you able to utilise them properly, achieving an early peace of mind until finding out the fresh employment is not far away from you.

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