Unemployment Can’t Spoil Your Valentine Plans! Know How
  • Alan Jose
  • February 11, 2019

Are you jobless and thinking about preparing yourself to experience a bad valentine’s day as you have no money. But before you give up completely, don’t you think it is important to try at least once. May be loans can help you figure out things and find a possible solution. Have you ever heard about the loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor? These are the online loans of short tenure with speedy procedures and without obligation. However, the high interest rates may be higher as there are no obligations, but customisation is also a feature.

In case, the interest rates are your concern, some guaranteed approval loans are also available. Knowing about all the options is good. One important thing, no matter what loan product you choose, to get approval your recent financial status should be good.

Support Your Valentine Plans with FEATURES of Unemployed Loans

Many things are in the queue of preferences when you prepare something special for your loved one. This needs a certain amount of money, which is possible to get through loans. The additional features that come with loans make the financial management easy. A correctly chosen financial product does not let you feel the burden of the obligation.

Now the Guaranteed Loan Option

You may feel amazed, but some loans on guaranteed approval are also present for the unemployed. But again, not to forget, approval comes ONLY and ONLY with a good recent financial status. Your salary slips from the last job are the prime weapon to win the battle of loan approval. Also, any kind of income proof, may be an additional income or some pennies from a freelance work can help. If you have these, it is possible to apply for guaranteed instant payday loans. These are (as you perhaps know) super instant loans that give approval decision in just 30 seconds and fund disbursal in 10 minutes. These too have no obligations and high interest rates. You can consider these loans as the last option when no other choice is left.

Worried about the interest rates? Worry not , guarantor loans and secured loans are also there if you can manage to provide guarantor or collateral. The rates are low and instalments are handy.

No Credit Check Prevents Search Footprint and Saves Your Valentine Day

Gifts, chocolates, candle light dinner, long drive, these are not only materialistic arrangements but the special moments. The moments that you intentionally create to add more positivity to your relation. Do not let stringent loan procedures spoil the mood. It is not difficult to agree with the fact that bad credit is the first thing to intrude when you lose or leave a job. Pending obligations and mounting debts make bad credit happen quite easily. In that case, credit check during the processing of application, puts search footprint on the credit record. This can be dangerous if you get rejected. Rejection is visible on the financial records and then other lenders act reluctant towards you.

To avoid this, look for the unemployed loans with no credit check. The processing of the loan application without the credit score perusal leaves no footprint on the financial records. This gives a safe financial landing with no side effects of the loan procedures.

Things That You Should Look For In the Lender

A loan product is the reflection of the policies of the concerned lender. Before you pick a loan product, it is necessary to know what a reliable lender looks like. In case of unemployment, it becomes even more important. Jobless days cannot afford regretful decisions. Once you choose a correct lender, more than half of your work is done. The basic qualities in a lender should be –

  • Transparency – Lender should have the practice to inform the applicant about every single step taken on the loan application. However, you can always visit your account on the website of the loan company but notifications, messages, follow-up calls have their own importance.
  • Not too stringent in rates and repayments, In Short personalised pricing – Interest rates and repayments are the two aspects that affect the borrower too much. Both are two sides of a coin. Higher rate means hefty instalments while a little relaxation in rates can make the instalments manageable. A lender that is flexible enough to follow the rules of personalised pricing. Although, you should not forget to play your part and provide any proof of a good repayment capacity.

Last but not the least, funds for the jobless are also available through doorstep loans for unemployed people. The application process and approval decision remains online only but disbursement happens at your home. The loan agent brings the cash to your doorstep and also collects the repayments in cash only from your home only.

Every information about the unemployed loans above can help in some or other way. Take informed decision and try to make this Valentine ’s Day happy, happier, happiest and of course ROMANTIC.

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