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  • Alan Jose
  • December 19, 2017

Completeness and certainty are the two things that the loans give you during your financial emergencies. And now, with the direct lending, these two words have become easier to realise. Especially for those borrowers who are experiencing denials in traditional financial institutes for not having a guarantor due to a bad credit history. Recognising this weak nerve of the borrowers, direct lenders are now providing loans without guarantors, at surprisingly affordable interest rates. Such loans are leveraged with an unusual potential to help people fight their financial issues.

Let us see what makes the loans without the guarantor a financial trouble shooter of the borrowers.

Extremely easy online procedures

Whether you are sitting in the comfort of your house or clicking marvellous scenes of a tourist point. In the direct lending, you can easily apply for a loan by following some very easy online procedures. And before you do the next task of your day, your money gets transferred to your bank account. This is all happening without providing a guarantor. Such a pleasant reality of the direct lending world!

Easy interest rates

Here comes another treat for you!! The fear of high-interest rates frightens most of the borrowers. But, the absence of a guarantor is not going to add unexpected hikes in the interest rates of your loan. Your lender will always treat your recent financial status as the key factor while deciding your interest rates.

No guarantor required for bad credit people

Well, this time you can really pinch yourself to check if you are dreaming. Although, it is actually happening in the online loan market of the UK.  Whatever is your credit score, and whether you have a guarantor or not, you are going to get loans for bad credit with no guarantor.

Easy repay schedules

In the direct lending, you will get the most customised repayment schedules according to your financial capacity to repay your loan. In fact, if you are repaying your monthly installments on time, your credit score will also improve. This will help you to stand as a potential borrower even in a mainstream bank. Actually this is what the direct lending does for you. Instead of rejecting you for having a poor financial record, suitable financial solutions are suggested for attaining a financial stability in the future.

Next time, instead of wasting your time in long annoying procedures of some mainstream bank, go for direct lending. Here, you will get the real value of your precious time and easy loans for bad credit people. The freedom from compulsion of providing a guarantor is another thing which attracts the people towards the online loan market of the UK.

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