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  • Alan Jose
  • November 29, 2018

People may need loans for £500 or £5,000 and on varied repayment terms. In addition, they have to agree upon several factors such as the APRs, guidelines on the credit scores, upfront charges, or many more obligations. There are few loan companies in the UK, which do not believe in a complicated loan process. In their views, loans are meant for easing the funding process for the people. Thus, making a loan complicated to pursue makes no sense.

It does not mean that these lenders are not in favour of traditional lending. But the reality is that they are representing the modern day lending process where flexible loan terms can be seen on regular basis. For instance, every loan application form does have the column of a guarantor’s signature. If the column is empty, then banks or conventional lending institutions waste no time in rejecting the loan applications. When it comes to the modern day loan market, one can find out the options available as loans without guarantors.

A change at the marketplace that should have come earlier

If the lender is asking for a guarantor, then it must have some logic. In fact, the guarantor’s signature works significantly for both the lenders and the borrowers. For the lenders, they have an assurance of the loan repayments either from the main borrower or from the guarantor. And, as far as the borrowers are concerned, they can ask for large funds and that would be on low interest rates because they bring a friend or a family member to act as their guarantor.

Traditionally, the loan applications were not taken into account where the guarantor’s assurance was not provided. But the result was that many people could not secure their finances and they ended up losing their financial hopes. Therefore, for the past few years, the demand of no guarantor loans has been on the rise and few lenders are now agreed to accept the loan applications even without the guarantors. Now, the marketplace has more financial opportunities for the common people.

People can focus on applying loan not on finding the guarantor

Many financial experts suggest people to go for the loans where the guarantors are mandatory. They have points to prove their views right. They say your friend’s trust on you can win the trust of the lender, which means the chance of guaranteed loan approval. Thus, why go for no guarantor loans when you have a person to co-sign the loan document. It is a logical fact that the financial experts are giving. Simultaneously, there are some questions too.

Does a guarantor hold a good credit score? Is your guarantor an employed person? Does anyone agree to become your guarantor especially when your credit score is bad? These are the crucial questions that need to be answered. To find out a person, who can answer all these questions, might not be easy or it may take a significant time of you. With no guarantor loans for bad credit people, you can keep the focus on the application procedure rather than on finding around the responsible guarantor.

Loans do not have barriers for poor credit people

After going through the importance of no guarantor loans, it is essential to analyse the use of loans for those with poor credit history. Everyone knows people with credit scores between 561 and 720. These people can apply for loans or credit cards, but with the high interest rates. Thus, do no guarantor loans have the relevance for these individuals? The answer is indeed ‘yes’. In fact, it is a bitter truth that people think twice before taking the guarantee of the people with no financial trustworthiness.

To be an individual with poor credit does not mean that all doors are closed for you. There is a solution for every problem. Your poor credit may be denting your financial credibility, but you still have the assistance of few online loan providers. Finding these lenders may require some efforts, but later you definitely have a chance to get back the finances. The poor credit loans in the UK are thus work as the specialised funding for the individuals with adverse credit background. If you are able to find a credible lender, then you may get advantage of easy repayment schedule. Who knows your credit score may improve.

Are these points enough to prove the point?

Nowadays, people do not have enough time to apply loans through a lengthy procedure because their financial emergency does not allow them to do so. They want less loan obligations and the application procedure should bring funds quickly to their bank accounts. The loans without guarantors are offered as the reply to such demand of the people and now the loans can be applied without the signature of the secondary borrower.

Searching too much for the options can confuse you or is there any need to look around when lenders are providing such flexible options? If you are not satisfied, then an early solution may not be possible. These points are explained as the reasons why people prefer no guarantor loans and still attaining valuable financial gains in their life.

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