Warning: EasyAdvanceLoan is against any unethical lending practice. We never ask for upfront fees and hidden charges.

No Upfront or Hidden Costs

No Upfront or
Hidden Costs

Fast and Instant Approval

Fast and Instant

Funds Sent in 60 Minutes

Funds Sent in
60 Minutes

What We Do at EasyAdvanceLoan


Yes, we do this while helping borrowers in their challenging financial period. We analyze their current financial situation first and then frame the bespoke loan offers for them. We regularly focus on one aspect, and that is affordability. We want a smooth process with reasonable interest rates and manageable repayment terms so that you can handle the loan repayments till the term ends.

Once you can afford the loan deal, we take quick action on your loan application where the policy of soft credit checks plays a crucial role. With no effect on your credit rating, you can agree upon the loan deal despite having poor credit records. Just convince us that you can make the repayments on time, we are ready to cooperate with you on every aspect.

Our primary goal is to keep your finances on the safe track. Therefore, we have a team of financial experts that specializes in offering fee-free advice to prospective borrowers. They guide you in choosing the right deal, which can match your current circumstances.

EasyAdvanceLoan Doesn’t Just Offer Funding

We feel proud to bring complete assistance for our borrowers not just in fulfilling their financial wishes but needs too. We give you the right direction to touch your destination. We assist you in:-

Smart Loan Products

Financial problems are part of life, but they should not affect the smoothness of your living. Therefore, to solve those issues, we have come up with smart lending products comprising salient attributes. From the competitive interest rates to the flexible repayment options, everything is there to meet your personal ends.

Obligations are the main components of a loan process, but we have not made them mandatory. It means you can apply for the loans for unemployed irrespective of your less-than-perfect credit report. The loan approval is sanctioned based on your current monthly part-income and repayment capacity.

An Online Lending Nucleus of ‘Swift’ and ‘Safe’ Borrowing

Lending, nowadays, means not just to help borrowers in their challenging financial scenario, but also to frame secure loan deals according to their financial capacity.

We vouch for offering you quick and safe borrowing that ensures timely upliftment of your finances. Our lending products are based on your current monthly income and the future capacity too.

Approval in 1 Hour

You submit your loan application today, and we approve it within an hour. Yes, it is a reality because of the 100% online procedure.

  • Sit in your living room or office
  • Exercise your fingers on laptop or Smartphone
  • Fill the online form with mandatory details
  • Submit it and get approved now

Experienced Loan Experts

Get the pleasure of having fee-free advice from our qualified loan experts. They guide on multiple things that make it safer for you to make full use of the borrowing funds.

  • The advice comes with full transparency
  • Better chance of bringing finances back on track
  • Follow the procedure without any errors
  • Gain maximum opportunities for loan approval

No Harm to Your Personal Data

Whatever details you mentioned in the form will not be revealed to anyone. Your personal info and credit score is safe with us, and you have a good chance of improving the scores.

  • You do not need any broker to approach us
  • Do not hesitate to share everything with us
  • E-loan contract is only between both of us
  • We protect your personal details at any cost

15-Minute Loan Approval Possible with No Hassle

EasyAdvanceLoan provides such a platform where you get the easy loans to advance your finances at the next level. As the direct lender in the UK, we make sure that you get the convenience to get instant approval during the financial crunch.

If your application approved, we quickly disburse the funds to your bank account. However, we first check your affordability to repay the loan or not. Based on this, we finalise the terms and the interest rates to offer loan in 15 minutes in the UK.

No Credit Check: As there are large numbers of people with bad credit scores in the UK, we have started the trend of no credit check. Although, your recent financial performance should be up to the mark and your credit profile showing recovery from the past mistakes. If something we need to examine, then also we follow only the soft credit check process.

No Broker: You can easily approach us directly and you neither require any broker in a midway. You can find us online by pressing any loan product in the search box of the search engines, and we are sitting right at the top. You will have two benefits of it: First, you do not have to pay extra fees and second, it can save your time to get financial assistance early with 15 minutes loans from direct lenders.

No Refusal: The most significant advantage that you have with EasyAdvanceLoan is that we do not refuse the loan application of any borrower. It happens despite you have a bad credit score or facing the thorny issue of unemployment. Since we have specialised loan products for every class of borrowers and features are flexible according to their financial capacity.

EasyAdvanceLoan is the right lending hub if you are in extreme need of funds. We do not like to surprise you with upfront charges or any other fees. Just go on and save your finances now with bad credit loans direct lenders.

How does Process Work? Only 3 Steps, Nothing Else

You have opted for a loan option because you need urgent funding access. We understand your scenario and ready to offer loans with a simple and straightforward application procedure. With only three steps, you can get the desired funds transferred to your account on the same day.

Make sure that you apply for the loan early in the day or early in the week so that we can consider your application sooner and provide you with valuable loan benefits. We expect that you provide us with genuine personal details and we vouch for keeping them well-protected. Look at how our loan process works:-


No Broker Needed

You do not need any third party to approach us. We have a huge online presence in the UK, and you can reach us directly through a digital platform. For any guidance, we have a team of top financial experts too.


No Credit Check

Feel free to apply for our loans irrespective of no or bad credit scores. We follow a soft or no credit check policy that does not have any impact on your overall credit scores.


Same Day Funding

Fill an easy online form with mandatory details and submit it quickly. Once received, we go through the details within a few minutes and let the desired funds be released via online bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your queries, our answers...your confusion, our solutions...your problems, our options


It is effortless to get instant loans despite no job and no guarantor to back you. We are ready to accept your loan request based on:

  • Your capacity of part-time income
  • Your recent financial performance
  • Your sincerity towards the lending process


Following are the benefits that you can get with the cash loans: You can save both time and money with doorstep funding Having a bank account is not mandatory at all People with physically disabled can easily follow the procedure Helping hand of our experienced and qualified financial experts


Of course, you are eligible to avail loans for bad credit and even if you do not have a guarantor. The loan benefits will remain the same as:

  • Instant funding access
  • No credit score check
  • No upfront charges and no surprises
  • Only online loan applications accepted
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