Stable your finances with easy advance loans

Applying for a loan in the UK is indeed a cumbersome process. From deciding the total amount to borrow to calculating the budget, one needs to have consistent repayments; it requires complete planning.

Different individuals share different loan requirements. A complicated loan process makes it confusing for individuals seeking immediate financial help to determine which loan offers the best suit their needs. And when you need instant cash in hand, paying more than what best suits your purpose is a complete waste.

How about having someone providing you with the right loan and ensuring you a seamless instant cash assistant?

Now, you don't need to wait endlessly to get loans. Get easy cash loans with minimal documentation at your disposal.

At EasyAdvanceLoan, we provide a no-obligation quote based on your circumstances and purpose. We never urge you to pay more than your financial situation allows. Hence, protect your finance and provide easy cash help instantly.

Is securing easy loans on bad credit possible?

Some lenders grant easy loans for bad credit to persons with poor and very poor credit scores. And the ones reading this have found it! Congrats!

We here understand that life is unpredictable. One may require instant cash to meet urgent requirements like car repair, funding a wedding, planning a purchase of a home, needing cash to buy a new car, etc.

Easy loans On bad Credit Possible

To apply for a loan in the UK, one needs to undergo multiple credit checks and meet other criteria such as:

  • Employment proof
  • Collateral
  • A defined age criterion
  • Income proof
  • A refined credit report with no delinquencies
  • Repayment affordability proof
  • A good credit score

Out of which, nearly 60% of applications are rejected because of poor credit scores.

Direct lenders believe important moments shouldn’t be delayed because of financial crunch. We offer easy loans with no guarantor to individuals with a poor credit score and those finding it difficult to secure one through traditional means.

Whether you lack collateral, a credit score, an excellent credit history, or have missed repayments, you can get instant loan approval at a competitive interest rate with us. However, we conduct a soft credit check which has the least impact on your credit score.

However, you need to meet certain terms and conditions based on the loan you wish to take. Apart from this, you will need to provide proof of making consistent repayments for securing easy loans from direct lenders.

Receive cash quickly in your account after screening and receive a hassle-free instant cash approval.

we offer

Yes, as you can tell from the heading, we lend to everyone regardless of credit history. In contrast to traditional easy loan direct lenders, we provide multiple loan offerings to people needing immediate financial help regardless of their credit score and history.

Here are some of our loan offerings:

High acceptance Loans

High acceptance loans

Amount: £ 1000 -10,000

Term: 3month - 36month

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans

Amount: £ 1000 -10,000

Term: 3month - 36month

No guarantors loan

No guarantors loan

Amount: £ 1000 -10,000

Term: 3month - 36month

Unemployed loans

Unemployed loans

Amount: £ 1000 -10,000

Term: 3month - 36month

Unsecured loans

Unsecured loans

Amount: £ 1000 -10,000

Term: 3month - 36month

Christmas loans

Christmas loans

Amount: £ 1000 -10,000

Term: 3month - 36month

Reason To Choose Us

Reason to
choose us

If you are looking to borrow easy cash loans with a minimal check, quick funds disbursal, no paperwork, then you have landed right. Here are some more reasons you should partner with us:

  • Quick Cash Loans for All Ages

    Whether you are 18 or 75, you can secure loans with us quickly. Everyone has their requirements and age shouldn’t be a barrier to securing instant cash.

  • Get an instant loan from the comfort of your home

    You don’t need to make frequent bank visits. Apply online and get cash instantly delivered to your door.

  • The lowest possible interest rates

    Are you worried about high-interest rates and repayments? Get any loan at the affordable interest rate as per your capacity.

  • Personalised guidance and advice

    From suggesting you the ideal loan package, repayment help, and revision consultation to completing the loan disbursal process, lenders assist you to hassle-free and easy cash loans

  • Loans for residents and on-visa individuals

    Whether you are a resident seeking instant funds or on-visa, you can secure funds hassle-free on the platform.

How it works

Nowadays, many easy cash loans offerings are cumbersome and complicated enough to grab one. But the fact is, lending is not just about providing financial help when one needs it the most, but also helping him/her choose the right one. Many individuals seeking easy loans with no credit check find it hard to secure a comfortable deal with poor credit.

And the same happens with the one having a good credit rating.

However, this may sound too good to be true, but yes, you can get easy loans without a credit check or limited perusal here. And do not need to undergo a stiff credit check and wait endlessly to secure a loan.

When easy loans direct lenders receive a loan application online, the application undergoes a soft credit check. We prioritise individual circumstances for lending high approval loans but conduct a few checks to confirm whether you can make the repayments easily. And if the plan doesn't suit you, you can discuss and revise it with us.

You can apply for the loans anywhere and anytime on the website and receive instant approval and cash within 15 minutes!

Our loan experts here work with you to discuss your condition and grant immediate and easy cash loans hassle-free. We know that your time is valuable, so we process quick and affordable fund disbursements!

Apply easy steps

Choosing the right loan offering according to one’s circumstances and affordability is critical for the borrower and the direct lenders alike. Thus, easy to get loans from direct lenders ensure safe borrowing by keeping your finances intact. We suggest the individual secure the perfect loan at a comfortable repayment schedule.

Here is how the loan application process unravels:

Apply and seek loan approval within an hour

You apply for the loan suitable to your needs today and get it approved within an hour. Yes, you read it right! Our loan process is a 100% online procedure. If you meet the criteria, you can secure an instant loan online.

Get the needed assistance for personalised documentation

If you face challenges in following the agreement, you can get immediate help. We provide a dedicated representative to assist you with loan filing and uploading only the required documents. With us, you share flexible repayments for freedom. We help you choose a repayment plan that does not affect your lifestyle.

Get an easy cash loan at the doorsteps or online

Once you are done with the formalities, you can rationalise the freedom to get the loans online or at the doors. The funds are sanctioned within minutes in the account.

Make monthly repayments as agreed in the document

You must make monthly repayments after securing easy cash loans following the loan agreement. You can choose to pay monthly, weekly, or yearly with our loan offerings. There is no hidden or additional fee on loan. It means you will never pay an amount more than you owe.



What our
customer’s say

What Our Customer’s Say

Frequently asked questions

Borrowing becomes easy when you have the right partner beside you. And, we here make the complete loan process an easy-to-follow path for you. Contact us and secure easy cash loans with least documentation and obligations.

You may have many questions about the services we offer and how they work.

Here are a few answers. If you have further questions, contact us.

What's the easiest loan to get with no credit?

You can apply for multiple loans with no credit – like loans for unemployed, doorstep loans, unsecured loans, instalment loans, no guarantor loans and debt consolidation loans. You can secure any of these loans hassle-free with no credit check.

Can I get easy loans in 15 minutes from a direct lender?

Yes, with EasyAdvanceLoans, you can borrow any loan in less than 15 minutes. We follow an online process that saves both time and money.

Can I apply for loans for people on benefits from a direct lender?

Yes, you can apply for people with benefits from a direct lender. You need to ensure you have enough proof of the same to gain instant fund approval.

Is there a chance of high approved loans with bad credit?

However, with easy advance loans in the UK, we have a bad credit loan approval rate of 80%. But you need to present proof of something that could help you make regular repayments.

How Do I Get Guaranteed Approval on the Loans?

Yes, one can secure guaranteed approval on the loans regardless of the credit score. The strength of your monthly income and your repayment capacity pave the way for guaranteed loan approval.

Warning: EasyAdvanceLoan is against any unethical lending practice. We never ask for upfront fees and hidden charges.

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