Bad credit loans

Grab the opening to perk up your credit score.

What are bad credit loans? understand its sagacity

Bad credit loans are generally the personal loans where people with poor credit scores find a funding opportunity to solve their financial issues. These are primarily available for a shorter duration with targeting the financial emergency of the borrowers.

With increasing economic imbalance and a sudden rise in debts, there should not be any doubt why such factors are affecting the income of the UK people. And, no surprise as well why they found themselves living with multiple debts at a time. The consequences of insufficient income and several debts are very hard to face, especially when your credit score falls down.

All of a sudden, you are unable to pursue any sort of loan, but not at EasyAdvanceLoan. Yes, we are the modern-age lender that helps people and families in UK to come out from the financial obstacles. Improve their conditions through the means of our bad credit loans.

Having a credit profile is essential to show your past performance to the lender, we do agree on it, but also we do not take approval decision on this basis. Instead, we analyse your financial commitments on the basis of:

  • Your monthly income capacity
  • Your recent financial performance

You are not a high risk borrower. For us, you are a highly-potential borrower because you definitely improve your credit profile by having a loan from us. At EasyAdvanceLoan, we offer both secured and unsecured loans for people with poor credit.

What unique features you can expect with loans for poor credits?

It is indeed a valid question to put and many borrowers with less-than-perfect credit scores want an answer of it. EasyAdvanceLoan is offering amount to borrow according to a particular classification that is based on the amount. To make clearer, go through the below table:

Small Amount Loans Medium Amount Loans Large Amount Loans
Borrow from £1000 to £5000 Amount allowed from £6000 to £15000 Obtain funds from £16000 to £25000
No processing fee No upfront fees and broker No Fees and No broker
No credit assessment
(particularly no credit check)
Soft or no credit check Check recent credit history

Here one thing is required to mention that unlike other online lenders in the UK, we are well-prepared to offer unsecured loans for bad credit people on instant decision facility. The features are mentioned here:

Secured Loans for Bad Credit People Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit People
Only homeowners are eligible to apply Both homeowners and tenants can apply
Providing collateral or guarantor is mandatory No collateral is required and instant approval is sure
Large amount is allowed to be availed Small amount for short term financial goals is offered here
Best way to consolidate multiple debts Fulfil your small financial needs without any hassle
Interest rates are low and easily manageable during long tenure Slightly high interest rate but a competitive one Loan period completes early

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a bad credit loan?

Before submitting applications, just take a look at their pros and cons:

Advantages Disdvantages
You can secure necessary funding instantly without any credit score check There is always a prospect of high interest rates as compare to the loans for good credit people.
Providing the guarantor or security any asset is not among mandatory list of obligations. Only a small amount to borrow and these loans do not fit for longer financial purposes.
Always a chance of improving the credit scores. Small amount for short term financial goals is offered here
Best way to consolidate multiple debts Missing repayments can further put down your credit score to very poor level.
Interest rates are low and easily manageable during long tenure Slightly high interest rate but a competitive one Loan period completes early

The good things to expect from bad credit loans

During the financial emergency, no one would like to wait for days or weeks for loan approval. Instead, the need for bad credit loans online instant decision becomes inherent. Our website can quickly bring you such sorts of benefits with its bespoke loan deals. As said earlier, we are new-age lending company and work with the FinTech approach. Therefore, we try hard to solve borrowers’ financial issues on the same day.

Our policy of instant decision brings several kinds of benefits for the Britons in which some of them are:

Immediate Loan Approval

Yes, you will get quick approval on your loan application, if approved. As soon as we receive a loan application, we quickly go through details, and that’s it for us to disburse funds into your bank account.

No Hidden Charges

We are such lending hub in the UK that always focuses on financial easiness of its clients rather than increasing their burden. Our borrowers prefer us for products such as loans for people with very bad credit on the instant decision and no fees.

Flexible APRs and Repayments

While applying for unsecured loans, the primary concern is flexible APRs and repayment terms. Many people need different loan amount, for instance, some would require £2000 while some need £15000. When the amount is varying then why they have to pay the same interest rates? Therefore, we offer loans on flexible and competitive APRs.

Loans for Every Financial Situation

One of the main features of our loan products is that they can fit any financial situation of borrowers. Whether they need money to pay their rent or to cover their unexpected expenses, our loans for bad credit with no guarantor, as its main feature, allow them to the stable situation without any hindrance. It happens because we require no fees and determine to approve application on instant decision.

No Need to Approach a Third Person

When you are looking for a direct lender, you should approach it directly with absolutely no interference of any person. Indeed, you can apply for our very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker. We are available with extensive online presence all over the UK. Come to us, and we give you everything that you desire for.

Should you come to easyadvanceloan when having bad credit score?

Of course, yes. And, we have a lot to prove this. We understand that availing poor credit loans from mainstream lenders is quite difficult, but is there any need of feeling disappointed? Not at all! We may not provide 100% guarantee on your loan approval, but we can assure bad credit loans online on instant decision in UK.

We promise you to give a fair and workable funding within a short period of time. We do not put sole emphasis on your credit rating, we also look at the recent credit past. If it is satisfactory and you are earning a good income, then availing loans with bad credit score on your current financial situation is not an issue.

Make sure you are making all your payments regularly before coming to this loan. Here are some of the attributes that you are eligible for after availing bad credit loans with instant decision:

  • Your most recent credit performance will be taken into consideration;
  • Interest rates are competitive in any situation and reasonable as compared to other private lenders in the UK;
  • Easy repayments are confirmed from us that will not disturb your monthly budget;
  • You can utilise the loans for any financial purpose.

You can expect a slight increase in the interest rate due to your poor credit (as the trends in the market), but our loans for people with bad credit and on instant decision promise fast fund disbursal (which is unique in the marketplace).

availing poor credit loans

Why choose us?

The UK loan marketplace is spread across almost every county where plenty of loan providers are sitting to advantage Britons in their tricky financial circumstances. Where we stand? Well, it is always boosting information for all our borrowers is that they can find us everywhere in the United Kingdom.

Why Choose US our bad credit loan?

Whether they are staying in Manchester or Leeds, they can easily apply for short-term Doorstep loans like provident with bad credit from a direct lender through an online process. You may find our loan products quite similar to others, but you won’t see the features attached to them from others.

  • Liberty to apply for loans without guarantors.
  • The policy of no or soft credit check.
  • Chances of improving the credit profiles.
  • No pressure of paying upfront charges and application fees.

These features make our website different from other direct lenders providing bad credit loans in the UK. Inevitably, these points also attract you! Why are you waiting so much? Apply now to avail the loans.

Bad credit loans FAQs

What's the easiest loan to get for bad credit people?

The online marketplace of the UK has plenty of options available for the people with bad credit scores. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Bad credit loans: Yes, these loans are specifically provided to those with poor credit record. Lenders shift their approval factor from credit history to income status of the borrowers.
  • No Guarantor Loans: These are also ideal for the people with less-than-perfect credit ratings. They do not have to bring another person to co-sign the loan agreement rather apply directly for the loans.

How can I get bad credit loans?

In today’s scenario, where internet has dominated everything, the financial aspect is not an exception. Applying for bad credit loans on instant decision is way easier now than previous days. Follow these simple steps and get instant loan approval:

  • Visit the lender’s website and find ‘apply now’ form.
  • Complete the online form with mandatory details related to your personal information.
  • Submit it as soon as possible and wait for the approval that comes in few minutes.

Such process is almost paperless and with fewer obligations involved.

Can i improve my credit score with bad credit loan?

Yes, of course. Improving the credit score will definitely possible for you. However, you need to do these two things:

  • Choose a reliable lender that is flexible in finalising the repayment term, which should be according to your current financial activities. You should easily follow the repayment term and improve your score.
  • It would be better to opt for a lender that is following the ‘no credit check’ policy. It will not leave any search footprint to your credit profile and there is always a chance of credit score enhancement.

How can i find my credit score while i have bad credit history?

Credit score does matter a lot if you are applying for the loans. Most of the financial experts suggest borrowers to pre-check their credit scores before applying. However, there can be two ways to find out your credit score. These are:

  • You can approach the credit reference agencies like Experian or Call Credit. They charge a significant fee for it.
  • Alternatively, you can approach a lender that is doing soft credit check of the borrowers’ histories. You can ask it to reveal your credit score and it won’t affect your credit score too.

How to rent with bad credit and no guarantor?

A bad credit score is always an obstacle to your financial chances. Even people struggle to live on rent because the homeowners do not allow them their rooms to be used by those with poor credit history.

There is one simple trick to increase your chances of living on rent is to first apply for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker in the UK. Yes, it may look strange but once you avail this loan and repay on time, your credit performance becomes good and any homeowner agrees to allow you live on rent.

What should you consider before applying for a loan?

You need to consider many things before applying for a loan product. Overall, these 4 basic requirements are:-

Credit Score: Lender will determine what is your credit score and the deal you will get based on your ratings.

Income: You need to repay the loan on time and that is why you should be earning either full-time or part-time income.

Guarantor: Having a guarantor is mandatory but you can have loans with no guarantor too.

Collateral: If you have an asset to pledge, then you can get secured loans. Otherwise, unsecured loans you are allowed to obtain.

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