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What actually is a doorstep loan?

We’re going to put it down for you in the simplest ways.

“When you need a short-term unsecured cash loan delivered to your doorstep by authorised, direct lenders in case you need money urgently or that you don’t have a bank account, you call that a doorstep loan, door-to-door loan or a home credit. Similar to the process of offering you the loan, the repayment is also made with the lender arriving at your doorstep.”


Do you need it?

You just might.

  • A doorstep loan offers money in a blazing fast way. Collect the money within an hour and fund the operations briskly.
  • Keep your formalities aside. No lengthy paperwork or documentation issues might come your way.
  • Stop worrying about having the money transferred to your bank account. No doorstep loan like provident requires that.
  • Find competitive interest rates as your direct lender is going to help you with different options for repayments.
  • Fix your poor credit scores by making the full use of flexible and easy repayments offered by us.

What makes a doorstep loan like provident in the Uk authentic?

There are some special ways to find that out:

  • Loans on Affordability: We offer any sort of doorstep loan like provident in the UK abides by the regulations demanding affordable loans only for the borrowers. We will estimate whether or not you can repay the money and only then the loan is given.
  • Direct Lenders: A direct lender must offer a personal doorstep loan. It may also turn more affordable with the help of the lender’s advice.
  • Process: The lender comes at your door only when the formal discussion with the loan and your approval are officially done over the phone or on the lender’s website. In the same way, the lender goes to your door to collect the repayment with interest.

The real talk: when a doorstep loan is necessary?

People say that the digital age has made money more available.

But what if there is an electrical shutdown happening in a large area?

And that too for a long time?

In that case, you might be in trouble getting a loan online.

And so, a doorstep loan becomes necessary in a number of situations.

  • When You Don’t Have a Bank Account:

    No bank account?

    No problem.

    A simple phone call can book a doorstep loan with no credit check in Leeds. Just read the terms and conditions of the loan carefully before calling your lender in.

  • When You Don’t Have Enough Time:

    You can take out a loan that is delivered to your doorstep when you really cannot go through all that registration process.

    You might be having an emergency.

    So, solve it.

  • When You Need Hard Cash:

    There are situations where online money doesn’t matter still. You can take out a doorstep loan to get the money.

  • When you cannot commute to the Lender’s Office:

    The chances are that you might be sick or you have problems in commuting. No worries! The lender is going to come to you with doorstep cash loans for people on benefits.

How to apply for a doorstep loan like provident in the Uk?

You need to work with this step by step:

  • Get a Direct Lender: To get a doorstep loan, you must get in touch with a direct lender like our ones.
  • Check Credit Score: Your direct lender will check your credit score to find your credit history. Don’t worry. You can also get a doorstep loan for bad credit.
  • Prepare Income Statement: Prepare documents of your income statement and keep them ready. Your lender will validate your loan approval with the analysis of your income statement.
  • Make the Calculation: Use the advanced loan calculator we provide you on the website to determine the loan amount, interest rates and repayment amount.
  • Fill out the Application Online: The website has it all. We have minimal application procedures to get just a few details, and your loan will be on its way.
  • Call Your Lender in: Finally, talk to your lender and book an appointment with the professional who will arrive at your doorstep at the appointed time to offer you the loan.

Doorstep Loan like Provident

Who are eligible for a doorstep loan?


All you need to do is read the terms and conditions of our loans, and we’ll be getting you the money right away!

An urgent doorstep loan can be meant for:

Eligible for a Doorstep Loan
  • Someone who is unemployed
  • A senior citizen (over 70 years of age)
  • A person who is on benefits
  • People with special needs
  • A credit card user with a bad/ poor credit score
  • Women on maternity leaves
  • Students
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People who will borrow for the first time
  • Homeowners
  • Tenants

Why a door-to-door loan like provident in the uk is the best option for you?

There are many sufficiently cause to say that. With the factor of the urgent availability and the benefit derived from an unsecured cash loan, a quick door to door loan like provident can be probably the best loan option because it is:

  • Cash Money: Now get fast money without going to the transaction machines or the bank. Your lender is offering you the money by him or her.
  • Fast: Doorstep loans can be booked within 10 minutes. You will get the loan at your scheduled time too.
  • Secured: Direct lenders and the secured loan offering authenticate all doorstep loans, such as door-to-door loans for people on benefits or doorstep loans for unemployed. The lender will come at your door only when you have booked the loan and the lender has approved it.
  • Short-Term: Make your payments with a doorstep loan and return the money in a relatively shorter period to get over the matter. Join the busy flow of life with a more relaxed mindset.
  • Verified: Gain assistance from your lender by verifying your documents. The lender will reach your door and make a thorough analysis of your credit scores; your income statement, and only then will he or she offer the loan to you.
  • Credit-Friendly: You have bad credit? That’s too bad! But what’s good is that you can get a quick cash loan as doorstep loans need no credit check. What’s more? Soon, you will have a significant improvement in your credit profile too!
  • Reachable: You don’t have any location constraints to worry about a doorstep loan. You get it anytime and anywhere. Just let us know how much you need.

But why easyadvanceloan?

Well, we are going to say that we have gotten reputed in this business for so many good and organised borrowers.

To tell you the truth, because of serious borrowers like you, Easy Advance Loan has become a giant in the lending industry in the UK, providing unsecured loans, emergency loans or door to door loans like provident.

And you may read the following reasons if the question at the heading is troubling you a little:

We Care - We know why you need a doorstep loan in Leeds so urgently. In many situational cases, you find yourself stuck in getting emergency cash loans to your door. We know that. That’s why we try to get you the money as soon as we can avoid unnecessary paperwork.

We Listen - Maybe you do not know why you need a loan for. Or that you know why you need money, but you are unsure about the amount. Our lenders will take the time to listen to your problems and suggest you the best solution.

We Support - We will support you in your loan needs by offering you flexible repayment durations like weekly or monthly and moderate interest rates.

We Make Guaranteed Loan Approvals Fast - Often it is a complaint from many borrowers that they get a doorstep loan with guaranteed approval that takes a lot of time. But we are fast. We offer you such loans with guaranteed approval within the blink of your eye.

We Value Your Time (and, of course, Your Needs) - We know very well what it feels like to get the cash in hand and that at your door comparatively quicker. Once you complete the formalities, we will reach you as soon as possible; verify your documents and hand you the money. And we do this all because we value your purpose for taking out a doorstep loan like provident in the UK.

A chart you might like

Loan Amount Interest Rate Duration Repayment Amount Adding the Interest
£2,000 45.3% 36 months £3,690
£4,000 45.3% 36 months £7,380

Doorstep loans FAQs

Can I take out a doorstep loan with no guarantor if i am young?

Yes, you can. A doorstep loan with no guarantor is often lent to young people or young adults because they might have monetary issues for the lack of a bank account or a credit card. Just ensure you have checked the loan regulations and then book an appointment with your lender.

Does a doorstep loan come with a high-interest rate?

Not always. If you have a bad credit score and take a high amount of money as a loan, then interest rates can get a bit high. However, in most cases, you can get a moderate interest rate. Speak to your lender for more options with that.

Why should I take a doorstep loan for bad credit?

You can take out a doorstep loan for bad credit when you want money as an unsecured cash loan for bad credit. Your lender will evaluate your credit score, and they might also help you with the loan amount you choose.

Are doorstep loans like Provident and Greenwood in the UK personal loans?

Exactly. Any doorstep loan like Provident and Greenwood in the UK is a form of unsecured personal loan that is not offered or transacted online but is given at your door in cash by your lender.

Am I eligible for a doorstep loan?

Most people are found eligible for a doorstep loan in the UK. You can get in touch with the lenders by checking their websites, calculating your loan amount, and speaking to your chosen lender frankly about your needs. You will undoubtedly be aided.

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