No guarantor loans

Why seek a loan guarantor? Our fairest no guarantor loans assure you with instant financial revival

What are no guarantor loans?

No guarantor loans can be defined as the personal loans where the presence of a guarantor is not mandatory while signing the e-loan contract. Primarily, these loans are for the shorter duration and work best during the financial emergency.

Here are some common reasons to apply for loans with no guarantor needed:

  • If you are in need of a loan and your credit history is not stellar, you are likely to have your loan application turned down or a lender may ask you to arrange a guarantor with a good credit history. Therefore, these loans come useful in getting the funds promptly and properly.
  • While an unexpected expenditure has come up out of nowhere, you will not be able to arrange a third person with an excellent credit history. In such condition, applying for these loans is indeed a sigh of relief for you.
  • A guarantor is a person who enters into a contract with you to take on repayment responsibilities in case you commit a default. Everyone will fight shy of paying money on your behalf when they precisely know that your inability to pay off the loan will have a bad impact on their credit report. With no guarantor required, you do not need to indulge in such complications.

These scenarios are responsible which is why lenders have introduced no guarantor loans.

A no guarantor loan is a debt that you borrow without the need of a guarantor. You also do not need to put collateral to get money even if your credit history is poor. You will get funds once the lender approves your application.

Providing the guarantor may bring favourable things for you but not always you have the backup of a reliable person. Just like people with bad credit score, the jobless individuals also have the problem of arranging the guarantor.

Apart from traditional lending, they look for an alternative to borrow funds quickly without requesting anyone to take your guarantee. Our bespoke deal on instant loans for unemployed with no guarantor needed to suit them the most. Besides this significant benefit, these loans have the following benefits to favour your finances:

  • Assistance for 24 hours
  • No or soft credit perusal
  • No hidden surprises with keeping transparency all along
  • Round the clock assistance
  • No credit check

What are the benefits of no guarantor loans?

EasyAdvanceLoan has taken many big steps in its short tenure at the UK marketplace. We are continuously working hard to offer the best lending assistance to the people with blemished credit report. In fact, it has been our main objective in presenting bad credit loans with no guarantor requirement. Now applying for the loans does not seem a burden because we have clearly removed the obligation of presenting the guarantor.

See the benefits that you get of this exemption:

  • You do not need to discuss your financial situation to anyone
  • It will save your time and you start applying directly
  • You can take the responsibility of making repayments on your own
  • You can expect the loan approval more quickly and so does the fund disbursal

Possessing a poor credit score can really affect your chances of borrowing funds all of a sudden. But now, reliable direct lenders like us have changed the scenario because we are ready to fund people with low credit score through the means of no credit check loans with no guarantor as the additional benefit. Of course, these are the small loans but bring funds more quickly with no assessment of your credit history.

The factor of no credit check clearly diminishes the chances of loan rejection on the basis of your past credit performance. In fact, it does not put any blot to your credit profile and you have every chance of improving your credit ratings by repaying the whole amount on time. Thus, don’t wait, just start exploring these personalised funding benefits right now...

Don’t feel too much depressed when there is a sudden arrival of financial inconsistency. Think about the solution in a relaxed mind and provide us the opportunity to serve your purposes with sending a required amount of pounds into your deposit account.

Who can get a loan without guarantor with no credit check?

EasyAdvanceLoan considers borrowers’ interests as its priority than anything else. It continuously focuses on better funding for them through the means of secure and efficient loan deals. No Guarantor Loans are indeed part of our core policies in which we take special consideration. We provide these funding sources to these sections:

People with Poor Credit Score: People with less-than-perfect credit scores find themselves in a complicated situation when they apply for a loan. It seems two fold: first, the lender may deny approving your loan and if they sign off on, you will not get the best deal and second, you will have to arrange a guarantor with a good credit history.

Of course, a person will hesitate to trust your repayment capacity and thus applying for payday loans where no guarantor is needed and poor credit is accepted, would be a good idea. EasyAdvanceLoan provides these bad credit loans with no credit check at competitive interest rates.

No Guarantor Loans with Bad Credit Amount Accepted
£1000 loan from direct lender with bad credit £1000
Loans for bad credit with no fees and instant decision £2000 to 3500
Loans for Very Bad Credit £2000 to 5000
loans for people with bad credit £2000 to 10,000

People with Unemployment: If you are out of work and encounter an emergency, it is quite complex to apply for a loan. Not all lenders provide loans for unemployed as they doubt on your repayment capacity, but you can finance any unforeseen expense by taking out the loan at EasyAdvanceLoan.

You do not need to arrange a guarantor or collateral. You just have to fill out the loan application form online and submit it. Funds will be directly transferred to your account.

If you do not have an operational bank account, you can get funds at your doorstep. Such loans are known as doorstep loans.

However, you must have to prove your repayment capacity by showing income sources other than a full-time job like freelancing to apply for the loan. At the same time, there should be no worry about high interest rates.

People who are Pursuing Education: Students more often than not struggle to finance their regular expenses. They find difficulty applying for loans to finance unexpected expenses. The problem is double when you are living in hostels. Having a person to enter into a repayment contract is all but impossible.

You do not need to worry as you can also apply for these no guarantor loans for bad credit with no fees to pay. We take an instant decision to disburse amount quickly so that you can use funds for any purpose.

How much can I borrow?

The borrowers, irrespective of their current or past financial status, can borrow amount according to their general financial situations. At EasyAdvanceLoan, we do not have a decided amount to lend because the problems are different of varied individuals.

We generally offer loans without credit check from £2000 to £10,000, depending upon the needs of loan applicants. However, there are no strict obligations involved, but borrowers have to fulfill at least some eligibility criteria to get this amount:

  • Applicants’ age should be above 18 years
  • Permanent residence should be in the UK
  • A valid bank account is mandatory
  • Borrowers should have present or previous income proof

We generally think that anyone can fulfill these conditions and claim eligibility for getting no guarantor loans.

How can I apply for no guarantor loan from direct lender?

Before going to the application procedure, let us familiar you with working policies that our website follows. We are new-age lending company and following the path of FinTech Lending. We respect the value of technology, and we believe it is the best way to solve financial issues at the earliest.

Britons have started believing in applying for loans without guarantor from direct lenders. EasyAdvanceLoan has shown its presence at the UK Fin Tech Market with responsive and dependable lending service. It is a reason why we have kept quite a simple application process for our prospective borrowers. The process involves:

  • You can apply for doorstep loans by sitting at your room or office with having internet accessibility.
  • Fill online form with required details like age, amount, contact address and employment status.
  • Click on to submit button and wait for our quick approval.
  • You do not have to wait for days to get loan approval because it is just a matter of minutes for us.
  • Get amount and relive in the sphere of financial stability.

You can not just sit and wait for the opportunity to arrive at your doorstep. Instead, you should make some efforts and explore the search engines to find us as your financial partne

EasyAdvanceLoan is fully prepared to assist you in your toughest financial circumstances. You do not have to pay any upfront charges or any other application fees to get our well-customised no guarantor loans for bad credit people from direct lender in the UK.

Why easyadvanceloan for quick loans with no guarantor in the uk?

Things are never going to be easier if you do not have a reliable direct lender in your side. EasyAdvanceLoan is one such lending platform where you will find everything with quick loans with no guarantor in the UK.

Whether you have a bad credit score or a very poor one, finding a reliable person to take your loan guarantee is no headache.

You can apply without guarantor and collateral, and still, the interest rates are competitive. There are more facilities that we bring for our borrowers in which some of them are:-

  • No Hidden Fees: Only the interest rates that you are paying and nothing in the name of processing fees or upfront charges. We do not surprise you with extra costs, but you will be surprised to see an immediate solution to your financial issues.
  • Soft or No Credit Check A credit check should not be an obstacle but an opportunity to get the loans. We believe in this and offer no guarantor loans with either no credit check or soft credit check.
  • No time-wasting: You do not have to wait for long to get everything in your favour with us. The loan approval comes on the same day, and funding is also done within 24 hours.
Quick Loans With No Guarantor
  • Loans for one-off expenses: The unique thing about our financial assistance is that our no guarantor loans are ideal for your one-off expenses. From credit card bills to urgent car repair to paying rent, you can cover every expense with our exceptional loan deals.
  • No impact on Credit Score: Our loans do not affect your credit score. In fact, our flexible repayments allow you to improve your credit ratings. It means our loan deals ensure overall financial progress for you.

EasyAdvanceLoan is indeed the right lending platform where you have the ease of applying for quick loans with no guarantor in the UK.

Time is to apply for no guarantor loans from anywhere in the uk

When you want a loan to apply, you have the desire of getting the funds nearby to your location. Unlike traditional lending, the online lenders are more advanced in offering the loans near to borrowers’ location.

EasyAdvanceLoan is indeed one of those online lenders in the UK, which are providing financial assistance at the borrowers’ comfort.

We have our exclusive branch at London where we have been able to help many Britons when they need funding access on an instant. With competitive rates, several people there, who also prefer our flexible repayment terms, like our online loans including simple steps to follow.

The same lending facility we are going to provide at Newcastle upon Tyne where we especially focusing on the first-time borrowers. They get multiple benefits from our loans without guarantor:-

Apply for No Guarantor Loans from anywhere in the UK
  • The interest rates are going to be more reasonable than before
  • Fee-free borrowing advice will be offered to improve the credit ratings
  • Financial assistance irrespective of any purpose
  • Tenants, homeowners, employed or unemployed, everyone can apply
  • Same day funding is for sure with no credit check process

If you are living at Newcastle upon Tyne, you still do not need to make your physical appearance at our virtual address. It is because we are offering online facility that saves your time and money both.

Surely, we are spreading our lending spheres all over the UK with the commitment of helping everyone when they need us.

No guarantor loans FAQs

Is it possible to get a no guarantor loan with a bad credit score?

The no guarantor loan is especially applicable for the people with bad credit rating. This section of the individuals finds it challenging to arrange a guarantor because of their less financial credibility.

How much high are my lending chances without a guarantor?

If you are applying for the loans at EasyAdvanceLoan, then you do not need to worry about your chances. Here are the relevant factors for us if not the credit score or guarantor's presence:

  • Income status if the amount exceeds up to £10000
  • Income status plus the collateral if the amount goes more than that limit

How to get loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees unemployed?

The direct lenders are the only source to get such leverages on your application for loans. They seem more flexible than their traditional counterparts in providing loans to poor credit people and unemployed ones. Fees may be the only concern, but again it depends upon one lender to another. EasyAdvanceLoan does not surprise everyone with any hidden fees.

Is there any specific reason why easyadvanceloan offers no guarantor loans?

Yes, not one reason but multiple. Here are some of our motives to provide these loans:

  • To help the borrowers in getting funds more quickly
  • To make them financially strong with no need to approach someone
  • To assist people with bad credit scores in making lending easier for them
  • To keep the application process simple where there isn't much to verify

How to get a loan with no guarantor?

Getting loans without a guarantor is well a possibility, as the direct lenders in the UK are providing multiple ways. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Apply with a co-signer: First way to get no guarantor loans is to apply with a co-signer or a co-borrower. In this, lenders feel safe in lending you money as you and your secondary borrower both are responsible for making the repayments.
  • Arrange collateral: If no guarantor is there, you can convince the lender by placing an asset equal to the value of borrowed amount. However, it may be a risky option since you can lose your asset if repayment is missed.
  • Ask for an affordable amount only: Perhaps the safest way to get loans with no guarantor is to request for only the affordable amount. Lender knows that you can repay the amount from your monthly income and thus no guarantor is needed.

Where can I get a loan without a guarantor?

You should get a loan without a guarantor where there should be no strict rules to follow the obligations. Therefore, a responsible direct lender like EasyAdvanceLoan is the ideal place to approve these loans easily. We can accept your loan application without a guarantor’s backup if you can afford the rates and repayment terms. In addition, we accept only online applications, so instant decisions and same-day fund disbursal will be a reality.

Are loans with no guarantor available for larger funding?

Most of the time, loans with no guarantor are available for small funding required during a financial emergency. Sometimes, we can agree on larger funding despite no guarantor being there. How is that possible? It becomes possible if you pledge an asset to secure the loan amount. It means you are applying for a secured loan without a guarantor. By doing this, you can borrow up to £50000. However, choose the amount wisely, as otherwise, we hold the right to repossess your asset if you miss the repayment.

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