Unsecured loans are among the most preferred small funding options in the UK and one can easily avail amount from £1000 and £25,000 without going through too many formalities. While providing these loans, lenders generally consider other factors like income status and credit score instead of asking collateral from the borrowers.

While applying for these loans, you are not in any of the risk involved. It is because the lender does not have anything to take the possession of, if you miss the repayments. It is very unlike secured loans where there is a risk of losing collateral and that will put a negative impact on the credit scores.

Our lending doors are widely open for those having negative credit records. We are here for not only providing loans to our borrowers but also to uplift their financial standards. It is why our unsecured loans for bad credit people help them in enhancing their credit profile within a quick time.

What Are unsecured loans?

Unsecured loans are another form of personal loans and available on the instant basis. It is not necessary that a borrower has to be a homeowner to get the loan approval, as tenants can also apply without any hassle. Unlike secured loans where the lenders take time to assess the value of pledged collateral, these loans usually bring quick approval and fund disbursal because of no asset has been given.

Flexibility is another difference between unsecured and secured loans. The first one always has that factor in terms of choosing the loan amount and duration while later one does offer specific long term. Moreover, unsecured personal loans are always the possibility in comparison to the secured loans.

Purposes To Apply For Unsecured Loans

You must have some purposes to look for the funding sources like these unsecured loans at easyadvanceloan. Some of them may be:

  • Holiday expenses
  • Wedding expenses
  • Home improvement
  • Car purchasing
  • Consolidating debts
  • Business expenses
  • Paying College Fees
  • Improving Credit Scores

If you find any of your purposes matching to the above, then start applying now through a simple online application procedure and get the funds on the same business day. Remember, our loan process does not involve a credit assessment. We are well-prepared to offer unsecured personal loans with no credit check process. The hard credit check will only ruin your chances of loan approval. Thus, we do not follow it. We want that every borrower will avail loans from us and we can do everything for it. The soft or no credit check method is the way for it.

Benefits Of Unsecured Loans

The unsecured personal loans are quite useful and safe for the borrowers, as they do not have any fear of losing the possession that can suit to the collateral requirement of the lender. Getting financial assistance in a short time is easily possible with them. There are many such loan benefits, which are mentioned here:

  • Smooth paperless application process
  • Your assets will remain only yours
  • Effective alternative to other small loans
  • Less expensive than credit cards
  • Loans for any financial purposes
  • quickly cover your unplanned expenses
  • For both personal and professional uses

One thing that needs to be discussed here is that these loans do not affect your credit rating until the lender is providing no credit check policy, as our website is offering to you.

Should I Apply For Unsecured Loans From Direct Lenders Only?

The confusion becomes obvious whether to approach banks or direct lenders would be the best option. Surely you will also have the same. You should analyse your financial needs first and see do you need fast loans now? If yes then applying from private lenders in the UK may be the right decision. Here’s how:

Direct Lenders Mainstream lenders
Loans for less-than-perfect credit ratings Loans are only applicable for excellent, good and fair credit scores
Amount can be availed from £1000 - £15,000 Loan amount varies around 1,000 - £25,000
One can apply from one year to two years Loan term can stretch from one year to five years
Higher but competitive interest rates Low- interest rates are assured

Hassle-free funding is the critical factor in achieving quick financial assistance. With too much paperwork and cumbersome process, it is not achievable, and you have to forget the instant access to desired funds. Therefore, our experienced financial experts always suggest having loans for bad credit from direct lenders only in the UK. The online process will make everything more accessible, and fast funding becomes a reality. Go for it now.


EasyAdvanceLoan has been working at the UK marketplace for the last five years. We are working primarily for the people with poor credit score because they often find themselves aloof from mainstream lending. However, our unsecured personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor are easily available but the policies may differ for the existing and new borrowers.

Existing borrowers New borrowers
Exciting interest rates for people with good credit score No cross checking of their credit histories
No guarantor and co-signer is required Special discount on the interest rates
Repayments according to their previous records Flexible repayment terms
Unemployed people can also be considered Competitive APRs for bad credit people
No credit check for up to £10000 Guarantor is not required but co-signer may be

What Other Loans Have Unsecured Funding Facility?

Our website does not want to limit itself to one or two lending products. Instead, our primary aim is to cover the maximum of your financial problems. We have included the facility of unsecured funding in our other products also, such as:

  • BAD CREDIT LOANS : These are the specialized loans for people with less-than-stellar credit history. To apply for the loans for bad credit, they do not have to put any of their assets like property or vehicle and the fund disbursal is also quick.
  • UNEMPLOYED LOANS : We have also dedicated ourselves for the individuals with no or less income and thus, we do not ask for any asset while providing loans for unemployed.
  • INSTANT PAYDAY LOANS : Indeed, you can expect from us to not to put any obstacle like providing the collateral when you need money on an instant. Apply for these instant payday loans and meet your personal ends.
  • NO GUARANTOR LOANS : No one agrees to take your guarantee due to poor credit score? Yes! There is nothing to be anxious about because we are here for you to apply for no guarantor loans with bad credit score and no need to require any guarantor for it. Own the sole responsibility of making repayments.

    Unsecured loans do fit to your any financial purposes, and bespoke offers on them are waiting for you here. Submit your application now...

Unsecured Loans FAQs

Can I get unsecured personal loans bad credit with no guarantor?

Yes, you can obtain unsecured personal loans even if your credit score is not in the good or fair category. However, you need to apply from the direct lender because it may allow you to apply with no guarantor as well. You will get quick fund transfer too.

How to apply for unsecured personal loans with no credit check?

It isn’t complicated. You need to visit the website of the lender and start applying through submitting an online form. Make sure that the lender is pursuing no credit check policy. Once you are convinced, you may get approval on the same day followed by the money disbursal.