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Unsecured loans - get funds for just about anything at bad credit

Taking care of a medical emergency, consolidating loans, paying bills, fees, and other financial obligations becomes problematic when one is self-employed or does not have a job.

And if you are someone having a poor credit score, missing payments, CCJ on credit, or someone who doesn't want to stake collateral to get the small amount as a loan, then probably unsecured loans with bad credit can help meet your needs.

Loans at 2.4% apr for stable credit score holders

Unlike secured loans, where the loan is backed by collateral and shares a high risk of losing it, your creditworthiness supports unsecured loans. If you have missed no payments and have a good credit record lately, you can secure a 15-minute unsecured loan quickly here from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are a student, home-maker, unemployed, or someone who needs loans immediately on bad credit, you can contact EasyAdvanceLoan.

In addition to providing unsecured bad credit loans to individuals, we also assist them with the needed expertise to finish the term without defaulting.




What defines as unsecured loans?

“Unsecured” loans, as the term says, are loans provided by creditors to the borrower without needing to stake any collateral. These loans are granted to the borrower based on creditworthiness.

Unsecured Loans Direct Lenders examine the borrower's previous credit history, credit score, salary receipts, and repayment history before approving the loan. The rates of interest on these loans are high owing to the security-free borrowing. This thing mainly separates unsecured loans from secured ones.

Let’s analyse the difference.

Unsecured Loans Secured Loans
Unsecured loan is a loan provided irrespective of the collateral. One needs to have a fair credit score. Secured loan is a loan provided against security, which is put up as collateral.
It isn’t secured by anything but the borrower’s creditworthiness and has higher interest rates. This loan is secured by collateral and a credit score, thus having a low-interest rate.
The borrower loses nothing because the creditor's creditworthiness backs the loan. The lender can repossess the asset in case of loan default.
One can borrow only a limited amount It offers flexibility to borrow a good amount

Before taking any of the loans, it is ideal for checking the eligibility for the same. Once you qualify, you can start finding the right deal on unsecured loan.

Here Is Why Unsecured Loans Can Be the Best Option…

Nealy 60% individuals find unsecured loan the best option when they:

  • Looking for immediate financial assistance on poor credit
  • Lacking a collateral to secure the loan
  • Unemployed but need immediate funds
  • Planning a big purchase
  • Wish to consolidate costly credit card balances or other debts
  • Cannot risk losing the collateral even if one has it
  • Want to use funds for almost any purpose

And 100 more…

Unsecured loan - hit your goals with just-in-time funding (advantages)

Yes, whether it is about paying the bill or the fee, subscription fee, or any other pending liabilities, unsecured loan help you achieve financial freedom by:

  • Immediate funding : Whether you need money for making an immediate purchase or are falling short on credit to buy loans, unsecured loans with bad credit help you achieve the required funds and bridge the gap.
  • Get a loan for almost anything : If planning to host a grand wedding anniversary party or make a special purchase like furniture, you can take low-interest personal loans anytime and from anywhere..
  • Get funds regardless of the credit score : If you are worried about having your loan application denied because of a low credit score, then these no-collateral loans are what you need. It is because one can get poor credit unsecured loans as well.
  • No Collateral loans : Yes, one of the significant benefits of these loans is that they do not require any collateral, just proof that you can repay. Staking collateral can be risky, and thus, unsecured loans keep your mental peace.

Isn’t it amazing? Yes, you can get unsecured loans just by proving minimal repayment ability for almost anything!

How real is the existence of unsecured loans with bad credit?

Many individuals in the UK face issues securing funds with a low credit score. But in response to this, individuals taking secured loans fear losing property and engage in the unending hassle of gaining it back. This phenomenon further leads to depression and loss of family life. Instead of this, people seeking unsecured loans with bad credit emerge as a better alternative.

It is primarily a lucrative alternative when one does not need to put up security against a loan. Securing a loan with poor credit is equally challenging. The collateral staked proves the credibility of secured loans, and the creditor hastily agrees on a comparatively low-interest rate.

Can one get a 100% guaranteed loan on bad credit?

In unsecured loans, people seeking immediate help with poor credit can get the loan only after proving their repayment ability. It is because of this securing unsecured bad credit loans from direct lenders is a challenging deal.

But EasyAdvanceLoan provides financial help to students, stay-at-home parents, unemployed individuals, or business people with poor credit scores without a strict credit check or any guarantor on the loans. Still, a borrower seeking funds in the above conditions will have to undergo specific terms and conditions for loan approval.

100% guaranteed loan on bad credit

Can I get unsecured no guarantor loans?

Having no guarantor shouldn’t stop you from meeting your urgent needs!

How about grabbing unsecured no guarantor loans on poor credit?

In unsecured loans, the borrower finds it challenging to find a guarantor or a co-signer for the loan. A guarantor is a person who takes up the responsibility of paying the remaining repayments if the borrower cannot make it on time or does not share the affordability of making repayments anymore.

Unsecured Loans Without Guarantor

Guarantor loans become riskier for the borrower and a guarantor than for the lender itself. Therefore, seeking unsecured personal loans on bad credit with no guarantor can be the right decision.

This sort of loan may be costlier, and uncertainty makes it confusing on the borrower’s part.

As a result, we provide unsecured loans for bad credit with no fees and no guarantor to individuals struggling to secure a loan with poor credit. With limited affordability checks and paperless proceedings, you can easily get the loan online.

If you default on making payments, we never charge a fee and are explicit about any upfront. We understand your reasons and waive any default fee on these no guarantor loans. You can revise the loan term to avoid loan default.

How likely am I to get unsecured loans for unemployed?

There is always a general query: “Can I get a loan when unemployed?”

And, our answer is: Yes, you can!

Walking by the traditional way of procuring loans requires one to qualify for strict credit checks and repayment capability. Securing the loan with regular income and other assets is fairly easy than securing one without.

Yes, securing unsecured funds when unemployed is risky for the lender and borrower itself. Still, some lenders provide a small sum to jobless individuals. And, we believe every individual has distinct and immediate requirements that need to be put off that waiting list. Therefore, we provide unsecured loans for the unemployed at feasible terms, personalised to your circumstances.

Here, we do not require an unemployed person to stake collateral to get the loans. Still, proof of income one receives is different from- alimony, pension, annuity, dividends, disability, spouse's income, and contributions from the retirement account.

EasyAdvanceLoans considers income from government benefits and grants while providing these unemployed loans. It is the primary difference between unsecured and secured loans. You need not provide this in secured loans, just a valid income source.

If you provide the valid documents and we approve of the same, you can get unsecured loans regardless of the employment status.

We ensure your mental peace by decreasing your default risk by 70%

Unsecured loans are backed by the borrower's creditworthiness and the ability to maintain the repayments. The poor credit unsecured loans help an individual provide an insight into the suitable options for early cash in hand at bad credit.

We evaluate the person's mental well-being and personal consequences, apart from considering the credit score before lending the money. Many individuals are often confused about whether one should go for a secured or unsecured loan. The lenders here fill the gap by providing the necessary help for the borrower to take loan hassle-free.

Yes, you can secure the unsecured loan at bad credit, but generally, these loans are available at a high-interest rate. Unsecured loans aren't secured by collateral, and lenders charge a relatively high-interest rate on the same. Nevertheless, when you partner with us, you can avail of low-interest unsecured loans by meeting the minimal repayment and loan repayment requirements.

The interest rate should not be a barrier when heading towards a purpose. We provide no-obligation unsecured loan quotes as per your circumstances and need.

Moreover, non-repayments of the unsecured loan may lead to court trials. Instead, we help the borrower discuss the loan terms and revise the repayment strategy to pay the loan. This would then mean increased interest in the loan.

Skip the queues and apply for unsecured loans from anywhere

If you want to skip queues and wait for sessions to get the loan approved quickly, then you have landed right. Unsecured loans from a direct lender ensure loans without meeting in person. You can get the cash in your account the same day. However, to meet the eligibility criteria, you need to ensure minimal proof for making the repayments timely.

Here is how the unsecured loans with bad credit processes work with us:

  • Step 1- Fill up the form online or contact us

    If you need immediate cash for making a big purchase, paying off debts or planning for an event at bad credit, then you can fill up the form online or directly call us. After filling up the form, you can check the eligibility conditions on the portal.

  • Step 2- A soft credit check

    Once you fill-up the form online, one of the unsecured loan representatives will call you and conduct a few credit checks. The credit checks conducted won't harm your credit score further. The representative will analyse whether or not you can make timely repayment and the source. It is ultimately a paperless procedure. It can be anything from government grants, benefits, and income from inheritance to repay.

  • Step 3- Pick the repayment tenure

    After conducting the credit checks, you can choose the repayment tenure and the loan amount according to suitability. The representative will help you choose the most affordable repayment tenure according to your circumstances and need if you need assistance.

  • Step 4- Get the funds on approval

    The funds will be transferred to your account within 15 minutes if you meet the criteria well. In this way, you can secure funds fast and secure in your account quickly because dreams shouldn't wait!

    Keep focussing on making timely repayments as per the agreements. Whether you have a guarantor or no guarantor, making payments timely will help improve your credit score and avoid defaulting on an unsecured loan.


Why applying for unsecured loans with easyadvanceloans makes sense?

While there could be many reasons for other lenders, how about re-thinking your decision?

Here is why you should pick up your cell and get funds transferred to your account in minutes!

Redraw Facility (Minimal Amount) No redraw facility
First Repayment Waived for Loan Up To £15000 No such facility
Affordable Unsecured Loans Without Heavy Interest Rate Unsecured loans on guarantors are comparatively costly
Repayment Confirmation; No Credit Check Strict or soft credit check
Help Borrower with Needed Guidance and Loan Revision Before Seeking a Verdict Court verdict in case of loan default
Can Defer Payment Up To 30 Days with No Penalty Mostly, delayed repayments are penalized
We Prevent Borrowers’ Interest and Offer to Revise Payments Instead Issuing A CCJ A CCJ is issued if one falls on making repayments on unsecured loans
Interest-Free Period- That’s A Surprise No Such Facility
Loans At 2.4% Apr for Stable Credit Score Holders Uniform APR

Apart from this, we also provide a redraw facility. It means you can redraw a small out of loan if you need some money immediately.

Yes, you must be thinking to apply right away!

Call and get the unsecured loans quickly!

Unsecured loans FAQs

Who is eligible for unsecured loans on the instant decision?

Anyone with a great credit score, no missing payments lately, and reliable proof of repayments can instantly secure unsecured loans.

Can unemployed people borrow unsecured loans from direct lenders?

Yes, if you are unemployed, you can secure unsecured loans easily. In this, you can

  • Fill up the form online and obtain a call from one of our representatives shortly.
  • The application will undergo a soft credit check
  • The lender will require you to update some documents as proof of repayment.
  • You can provide income proof as dividends, annuity, retirement funds, spouse’s income, etc.
  • After providing the same, you can get the unsecured loan hassle-free.

With us, you can secure loans for the unemployed by revealing the proof of government benefits as well. Yes, we consider it repayment proof for the unsecured loan for unemployed approval.

How do unsecured loan work?

When you apply for unsecured loans at EasyAdvanceLoan, you can immediately check for loan eligibility and the loan repayments to make online.

  • After you fill out the form, one representative will attend to you
  • He will help you secure a loan that fits your circumstances
  • The lenders conduct a soft credit check
  • Need repayment proof before providing the loan
  • Make regular repayments as per the loan agreement

What happens if you can't pay unsecured loans?

If a borrower falls on paying the unsecured loan, he may be sued for the purpose and will be issued a CCJ. The borrower's credit score may be affected if they fail to pay the entire amount.

When a CCJ is issued to the defaulter, he/she becomes liable to pay the complete amount to the creditor. But we, as direct lenders, help borrowers avoid the situation by suggesting a more affordable repayment term by revising the loan terms and understanding their situation. Here, the borrower needs to pay higher interest in that case.

What interest rate charge on unsecured no guarantor loans from direct lenders in the uk?

The rate of interest counts on the amount you expect to borrow and the repayment ability. One thing is for sure you get low-interest unsecured loans from other lenders in the UK marketplace.

Can I apply for unsecured loans with very poor credit?

Yes, one can apply for unsecured loans with very poor credit. However, you should not have any bankruptcy charges for the last two years. And you are earning a sufficient monthly income.

Can I apply unsecured loan for wedding?

Yes, you can apply for unsecured loan for your wedding occasion. This loan product is nothing but a personal loan and therefore, you can use the borrowed sum for any of your financial purposes.

However, you need to consider the budget of your wedding and decide how much amount you need to borrow. It allows you to have only affordable amount. Besides, you should have a good credit score but deals on bad credit are also available.