What Are Instant Payday Loans All About?

Instant Payday loans are the funding sources for short-term financial problems. The main feature of loans lies within repayments, which borrowers have to make within a month or when they receive their next pay cheque. Usually available with high-interest rates, and no fees, an online procedure is applicable to apply for these cash advances from direct lenders with minimum involvement of paperwork.

The primary purpose of applying for an instant loan is to get rid of the EMERGENCY EXPENSES such as:

  • Car Repairs
  • Medical bills
  • Paying fees
  • Restaurant bills
  • Utility bills

It would not put any extra burden on the individual's monthly salary. At EasyAdvanceLoan, much cheaper deals are available on such small unsecured loans, as compare to others and that would be without any upfront fees.

Reasons to get a Instant Payday Loans

Reasons to get a Instant Payday Loans: You Receive
Direct loan lenders with no brokers
Get a high acceptance payday loans from direct lenders
Need a cash loan with bad credit and no broker
Instant payday loans with no credit check from direct lenders
Guaranteed payday loan from direct lender
£5000 loan from direct lender

Eligibility Criteria For Instant Payday Loans

No matter you are a first-time borrower or already entered our existing borrowers' list, these advances come with high acceptance rates that can allow borrowing the amount from £1000 to £6,000 for a maximum duration of 12 months with no fees payable. However, an amount may go high depending upon financial circumstances of borrowers and meeting eligibility criteria for short-term quick loans.

There is an ADVICE here that borrowers should apply only for that amount, which they think can repay on their next salary day; otherwise, it will become difficult for them to compensate. For instance, a student, who is doing a part-time job, can use the borrowed funds to pay university fees or hostel rent or to purchase reading materials.

As far as an eligibility criterion is concerned, one should fulfil these qualifying conditions:

As part of the growing financial market in the United Kingdom, EasyAdvanceLoan has been emerged as a responsible direct lender for guaranteed payday loans for bad credit people, entirely determined to assist people with poor credit history with its customer-friendly approach that further defined by guaranteed approval and no credit check policy.

Can I Look Forward to High Acceptance on Payday Loans?

Payday funding is always under doubt in the financial marketplace. Due to the high interest rates, the concerned authority and the borrowers always have the doubt while going for such small loans or not. However, this is the one picture, as not always these loans are under scrutiny.

Over the past years, the payday loans have gained significance in the marketplace because of three significant factors:

No Obligation Involved: While applying for these loans, you do not need to have collateral or guarantor. Since the borrowed amount is small, the lenders do not feel the need to ask for the obligations and the loan can be ended on the next salary day.

Instant Funding: With no obligations involved, the desired funds come instantly for the borrowers. They apply today and they get approval on the same day. The best part is that the procedure is online and you do not have to leave your home to get the funds in your hand.

Loan Ends Early: Another significant benefit of these same-day loans is that the term ends early than other standard loan options. You can end the loan by making repayments on your next payday. It means it does not have too much damage on your overall credit profile.

These factors make payday loans still among the most preferred small loan options in the UK.

However, we have been the pioneer in changing the trends by providing the loans on actual lending norms that can guarantee the right assistance. We are the right destination to those looking for high acceptance loans.

Assisting you in the difficult financial times is our primary aim and to make it practical, we provide following benefits to ensure high acceptance on these cash advances.

  • Nothing is there in terms of hiding something, as everything is evident right from the start of the loan deal till its end;
  • The approval also comes through your part-time income if you are not earning a full-time salary (in such case, the borrowed amount gets limited);
  • Providing the guarantor is again not mandatory at all, as we approve your loan application straightaway if we are satisfied with your income.

Therefore, EasyAdvanceLoan gives you a completely new method of lending where everything is in your hands while seeking high acceptance payday loans from direct lenders.

Who Can Apply For Payday Loan?

This instant loan can work for every individual to solve every small financial problem. Nevertheless, most beneficiaries are those people, who are:

Is EasyAdvanceLoan The Best Lending Hub For Quick Cash Loans & Why?

Our working culture is pure and dedicated to the better finances of our clients. We never appreciate ourselves but feel proud to have positive responses from our borrowers. Since we have intercepted quick cash loans in our products' list, we have been able to increase our borrowers' numbers subsequently because we finance their needs with salient attributes, for instance:

  • Loan disbursal in just 1 hour
  • No early payout fees
  • Easy-to-repay deal
  • No provision of hidden charges
  • Safe trustworthy lending
  • No physical appearance required
  • High Acceptance rate

These features are enough to describe our significant presence at the FinTech market of the UK. In fact, we have received maximum numbers of applications on these instant cash loans this year and more to expect in coming days

Apply now...Your journey from bad credit to good credit will definitely start from here and we vouch for complete assistance during the way. We understand your financial concerns and you understand our commitment because both will bring a positive outcome to your financial life.

Instant Payday Loans FAQs


A high acceptance payday loan is a tune-up that makes funds accessible to a populace which has a poor credit score. Not only this but also for those people who don't have any other source of income.

Lenders focus on the individual's budget, which means there is a superior possibility of being accepted for people who are earning good every month.


Yes, you can, but still, there are few things which you need to provide to the online lending firm. If you are looking for the guaranteed payday loans, then clear the essential criteria of lending firm. First is that are you capable enough to repay the loan within the time. For that, you need to show your income source and secondly a high income so that you can quickly return the borrowed amount.


If you are looking to get an instant payday loan without any credit check and that too from the online lending firm. For that you only need one thing that is your present income source to ensure lenders that you will surely return the borrowed amount on time and it's so simple to get the loan. You only need to apply online, and in no time, you will get the funds.


The high acceptance payday loans are a type of credit with a small amount to borrow and score. In this, a lender asks a borrower few of the essential things, by which he or she can easily avail for the loans.

Some of them are:- A guarantor, A presentable score, Work proof, A residence and it keeps going on, depending on the amount which you are taking.


To get a guaranteed payday loan, you only need to have a good income, but the condition gets a bit change. When, as an individual, you have a bad credit score, and nothing is going accordingly? In that condition, if you are looking for the guaranteed approval, then you should arrange a guarantor. Once you do, then you will surely get the loan.