How to manage things in one-minute?

Manage Things

Student life is about winning everyone’s heart with as vital performance and prerogative as in terms of naive and innocence. That is conveniently fixed to the real obsession of getting success. Let us start with the struggle and compliance in a student’s life with improper negligence.

Once a smart and young man had firmly decided to become a manager or a leader at any cost. He understood that a person who wants to run his life with delight and happiness should be skilled in management and leadership skills.

If you want to make something big and huge, you need people, and you have to deal with them anytime. If we fail or come backwards in such a scenario, we could not pursue our run to distinct targeted points. It means no skills mean any good results.

That smart and young man took his step out in search of a person who is a perfect manager and who can help him learning crucial things and for whom he can work also. Eventually, he was in favour of becoming a part of his life or alike him.

He literally wandered from one company to another. He met every big and small company’s manager and interviewed them. His search encouraged him to search for a manager in different cities and different nations to find a perfect manager.

Unfortunately, he found no manager who was perfect and effective, though. He must seek the support of direct lenders for instant loans for students and unemployed.

Two types of managers

The number of managers he met with and took interviews; all were one out of two types. The first type of manager was autocratic, the managers who intend to benefit the company and bring profit to the organisation. The problem was, the employees barely like these types of managers.

The second type of manager was democratic, the managers who primarily think for the benefits of the employees and then for the company. These managers are supportive who are definitely liked by the employees.

Although these two types of managers are fine and work with dedication, there are such big problems. The autocratic manager brings positive results to the organisation, but they tend to lose their employees as they failed to keep their employees happy and satisfied.

On the other hand, the democratic type of managers wins the heart of people but lose the organisation. These two problems are the worrying sense for that man. He could not find the perfect manager who can be skilled in both aspects.

The very few managers who they could have rarely found were not ready to give him an interview. This made him disheartened, and he came back to his home. Later he thought that there would be no effective manager. He could find who will make him teach perfect management skills.

The person he found

Ironically, he found a manger in the vicinity of his residence that was admired by all. Everyone wanted to work with him, and together, he was profiting his company. At first, the smart young man did not believe this; however, he gave a shot to this.

When he took the appointment to meet the manager, he got it easily and in heart, thinking that he cannot be a good manager. If you had been a perfect manager, he would have no time to meet any random person like himself. Perhaps, due to the short distance, he asked him the same question.

The question was like, ‘how would you describe yourself as a manager?’ the manager replied that he is a one minute manager. The man got a strange feeling as his experience was different in terms of answering his question. His experiences were in term of finding democratic or autocratic managers.

When he asked about his one-minute managing skills, the manager told him that he takes less time to get huge results. The smart man did not truly believe him, and the manager noticed it. He further said that if you want to know the type of managing skills I possess, ask my people.

The manager introduced the young man with the one- minute management secret as per the following lays:

Secret number 1- One-minute goal setting

  • Agree on your goals- first try to clear the company’s goal. Sometimes, the company’s goals are different from the employees’; this is why most of the business cannot run properly. There is a need to agree on common goals.
  • See what good behaviour looks like- this calculates the behavioural aspect of the management and the employees on how they take things.
  • Writing each goal using the pen on a paper within less than 250 words as this length is enough.
  • Keep on reading the management skills and entrepreneurship management orders, taking one minute.
  • Take out at least one minute to see whether the things are working according to the schedules and see whether our behaviour is working in the equal sense that will help achieve your goals.

Secret number 2- one-minute praising

  • Telling the employees to work in a way that can bring good feedback that also must be honest
  • Praising people for their good work and if work is not done in a good sense encourages them to work with more efforts.
  • Ask them for their experience in the field and tell them that they are also important to us.

Secret number 3- One minute reprimand

  • Reprimand people who are working under you immediately by telling them what specifically they are doing wrong.
  • Tell them what losses you are experiencing for their behaviour.
  • Stay silent for few seconds to let them feel what they have done wrong.


Within a couple of years, he became an effective manager after implementing these principle rules. He became the manager who can find the solution to every big problem induced in the company, and after some time, he became the person who all his employees like.

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