What can you do to improve your credit score with a ccj?

What can you do to improve your credit score with a CCJ

Moneylenders these days offer CCJ loans to various borrowers. CCJ is known as a country court judgment. This is a court order issued against any defaulter who cannot repay their debt to the franchise institution, bank, or any lender.

 If you are being issued with a CCJ, it means you have committed a serious mistake. It will hamper your credit score in the future. Whenever you receive a CCJ, it has official documentation and records. 

If you are missing out on a single payment, you may not receive CCJ, but on repeated rape payment default, you may receive CCJ. Upon non-repayment of the loan, the lender may go to court for legal help. 

This will eventually get a CCJ for you. If, as a creditor, you have rightfully claimed the debt, the court will issue in favour of the creditors. Also, in case of insolvency, the lender may go to court. In the case of a CCJ, you have to face long-standing consequences to it. 

This may completely disturb your financial life and may keep you restricted. Furthermore, this may charge you with an attachment of earnings order or receive a bailiff action. 

Getting the right score with ccj

Sometimes the borrower is genuine and cannot pay back in a genuine way. If you are also facing genuine issues, you can take the opportunity to go back to the creditor and talk to them. 

Also, you can come to a common conclusion wherein you can pay the remaining amount whenever you can afford it. 

Always be open and honest to the lender if you are not able to pay your debt back. If you have taken an instant decision and borrowed unsecured loans, always check the terms and conditions to pay them off on time. Do not be lenient. 

How does a CCJ influence my Credit score?

A CCJ is a very bad thing for your credit score, and It does not have a valuable influence on your credit score. 

You may be knocked down of specific points, but that again depends on your loan and the repayment terms and conditions. In most of cases,

  • Your credit score can go by at least 80 points whenever you fail to make a payment or a date
  • If you are a defaulter on the loan repayments, it can deduct your 350 points
  • If you receive a CCJ, it directly lowers your 250 points. 

If your score is not particularly good, you may be able to get on favourable terms of loans for you. With a low-grade score, it can be difficult for you to get the right kind of financial product for yourself. 

To interact with any lender, you preferably accomplish a credit assessment on your profile. Take into consideration your credit score, and then go ahead with the procedure.

 If you have a good credit score, you may be available with different options. On the contrary, if you do not have a good credit score, you may not get a mortgage on favourable terms.

How to improve the credit score after receiving a CCJ?

Irrespective of a bad credit score and receiving a CCJ, you can still improve your credit score.

 Although it is not an overnight process, you still can do it. If you follow the preferred norms and rules, you can improve your credit score. Also, it will help you to pay off your debt easily. If your credit score is lower, you can follow the following days.

  • Review your credit report

Do you have a look at your credit score periodically? Do not be negligent towards it. Check your credit score regular day. If there is any fraudulent activity or error in your credit bored, you can immediately raise a flag to the CRA, i.e. credit reference agencies. 

The CRA will help you to rectify the error. Also, you will be able to understand your financial position better. 

Whenever there is an issue, it is always better to raise it, and this will eventually improve your credit score in the long run. 

This is for everybody. Many people borrow unsecured loans for pensioners but do not check their ratings. Credit rating is important for everybody. 

  • Pay your bills on time.

Many people are ignorant about paying their bills. Paying your bills is one of the vital clauses of getting your credit score on track. If you are on time and regular, You can gradually improve your credit score. 

Keep an eye on the utility bill dates. If you do not remember it, you can always put a reminder and pay your bills on time to avoid missing your bill payments, as it can have a negative impact on your credit score.

  • Register on the electoral roll

Another good way is to register you on the electoral roll. If you have not adjusted yourself, you can go on the website and get yourself registered. This will help you to get access to the difficult credit if you require it.

  • The low credit utilization ratio

It is advisable to keep your credit utilization ratio low, and it basically indicates the percentage you have used of your total credit card limit. 

If you keep this percentage low, it will help you manage your finances smoothly. If You overuse it, you will be in the bad books of the lenders. 

Also, it will be difficult for you to borrow the required amount of loan. Hence to be in the good books, it is essential to maintain a low credit utilization ratio.


Taking care of your credit score is very important if you have a CCJ, and it can severely impact your credit score if not looked upon. You can follow the ways mentioned earlier and keep your credit score high and good.

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