Personal loans or credit cards: which one has the upper hand and why?

Personal Loans or Credit Cards Which one has the upper hand and why

We always talk about saving money and are aware of the importance of building it well to meet unanticipated emergencies. But saving money is not always possible for every individual, especially when the need is urgent. 

The situation even goes out of hand and makes you anxious when you are out of the job. Here you might get confused in deciding between opting for personal unsecured loans for unemployed or using your credit cards.

Both the options provide you with the needed amount of money under different terms. Depending upon your financial situation, one among both options can cater to your need. You need to choose which financing option wins the battle.

Let us ensure an easy understanding. This blog will make you understand the key difference between personal loans and credit cards with all the required data to make your decision easier.

Diversity occurs between personal loans and credit cards

The major dissimilarity between personal loans and credit cards is that the type of credit involved in both is different.

Personal loans are a type of installment loans where you get the desired amount of money in a lump sum with even repayments over a period of time. 

On the other hand, credit cards offer spinning credit. This means once you borrow a sum of money from it, the number of repayments will be based on your outstanding balance from month to month. 

When should you utilise personal loans?

Personal loans should be picked when you want to fund large expenses. For example—buying a car, home remodeling, paying off huge ongoing debts or financing other big purchases. 

One of the biggest advantages that a personal loan offer to its applicants comes in the form of unsecured loans for the unemployed. People who are dealing with prolonged joblessness can avail of it with reasonable interest with comfortable installments:

v Offered at comparatively low-interest rates

v Steady repayments amount until the mortgage tenure is over

v Predictability of monthly repays it easier to follow a budget

You can utilise personal loans for a variety of financial purposes. Every lender operates differently when it comes to approving the loan application for a personal loan. Some lenders approve it the same day, and other takes a little time to analyse the applicant’s financial affordability.

Your loan application gets approved very easily in a situation when you have a striking credit score. Nevertheless, suppose you carry a poor credit score, you might face challenges in obtaining it. 

A personal loan might not work for individuals who are making small purchases as it is best to use it for big buying only. Also, it doesn’t offer any rewards.

When should a person use a credit card?

Credit cards are generally used for making smaller payments. These are utilised frequently, which can be paid off very fast. We always recommend paying off your whole outstanding bill before the due date.

The interest on the borrowed money is charged on the basis of the outstanding balance you keep from month to month. If you clear it all, that means you will get money free from any interest.

If you don’t want to pay the interest on the borrowed money, you should follow the discipline with your repayments. Credit card companies also offer rewards in the form of points from which you can buy certain things using it. 

Using credit cards can make you disciplined on paying the entire amount on a monthly basis. You can earn huge cashback or even gain travel rewards if you pay off all the outstanding balance before its due date.

Also, a credit card can cushion you with a financial backup if you haven’t built any emergency funds for yourself. You can instantly get funded for whatsoever thing round the clock. 

Now, these are a few of the crucial advantages of using a credit card. Learn some disadvantages that come with its usage.

The foremost disadvantage of using a credit card is the same as its advantage, i.e. ease of spending money from it with a simple swipe. The ease of its usage and access to quick funds makes people accumulate n-number of debts on their heads as the minimum payments are quite reasonable to afford.

If we look closely, even paying off debts with a minimum balance, it can get extended for years, and you will pay a high-interest rate.


Suppose you have a credit card debt, and it has been levying on you with a high-interest rate. Then you have to decide whether to use a personal loan to consolidate it into a lower interest rate or use other credit cards to pay it off completely. 

We recommend you check the level of your credit score. If your credit score is good and impressive, you should apply for a personal loan. 

But if your credit score is not that decent, then you won’t be able to qualify for a credit card as well. You can also apply for a personal loan with even repayments every month. 

People struggling with their finances due to prolonged joblessness can also apply for personal unsecured loans for unemployed. You can use these loans for a wide range of needs such as home renovation, child’s education, medical expenses, wedding, vacation, etc.

You should use a credit card while buying something within your affordability. When you are confused between the two options, consider making a comparison and then make a final call. 

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