Some pearls of financial wisdom that you should consider in your life


The world is made by mavericks having real and different perspectives.

A stalwart has an idea. It becomes into full fruition for the awe of many and the rejoicing of many.

In the facet of finance, the name Warren Buffett is known by all. 

American business entrepreneur, an investor, and a great philanthropist, Warren Buffett is followed by the world for his precious financial wisdom and money-making strategies.

The pioneer in bringing to the world the concept of value investing, this finance wizard and his thoughts to personal finance is something to be put into immediate deliberation. 

Also called as the Oracle of Omaha, the advice of Warren Buffett is taken very seriously in the financial industry and by all top investors in the world, alike.

Some thoughts of warren buffett

Listed below are some noteworthy thoughts of Warren Buffett on money management and investing: 

  • On Money

Never lose your money

This is one of the simplest advices anyone can get in terms of money management.

Never to lose money means that before thinking about any purchase or any investment vehicle, the thoughts about its future worth should be there.

Shortly, what value would it be worth and how it is going to earn profit over the long haul is something which would prevent any scope for losses.

Losses happen primarily because people don’t correctly value a thing.

So this advice of never lose money would ensure that a thinking pattern gets formed of never to invest in something low of quality which would lose any worth. 

  • Price is what you pay for, and value is what you get after such payment

For anything and everything, there is a price to be paid for and a value which we get.

This is universal, and everyone is aware of this.

But the reminder again, in this is that what someone pays for a good should be exact reciprocal to the value the good confers.

This ensures that no one gets cheated on the worth or value of something and loses any money.

Thinking in terms of value can make the decision of payment of price easy.

If the value is not worth it and succumbed to fall, then the price should not be paid, as it will only lead to a loss. 

  • On Saving
  • Savings are a very crucial part of one’s life. 

What one saves from one’s income will become crucial in handling various emergencies.

And this one must learn to save well. 

In Warren Buffett’s words, 

Don’t Save what is left after spending, rather spend what is left after saving?

This would ensure that the right amount of earnings gets allotted into savings systematically and that the emergency corpus is intact for the future.

Additionally, this saving habit can lead to better investment decisions with the extra accumulated saving corpus.  

  • On money habit

Habits make the person, and so are the thoughts of Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett is advising people to become literate not only in terms of general knowledge but also in terms of financial literacy.

The more a person invests in learning and acquiring new knowledge, the higher will be the chances of that person’s earnings.

And lower would be the possibility of any losses. 

According to him, the Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken…you can have any practices, any patterns of behaviour that you wish. It’s a matter of what you decide.”

  • On having multiple source of income

Warren Buffett advises to have more than one source of income and to make money work for humans.

The concept of people working to earn wealth is wrong, and that saved money should be deployed to make supernormal interest.

Buffett even has advised that if you are smart, then, you should also earn money while you are sleeping. 

“Never depend on a single type of income. Invest in creating a second source of income.”

  • On investing

Only buy a thing that you would be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.

“If you aren’t willing to own a stock for ten years, don’t even think about owning it for ten minutes.

These are two prominent advises regarding the timeline of keeping any investment.

Patience is the key to anything and everything.

Before purchasing any stock, one must ponder as to how long be it intended to be kept without being sold off.

Buffett advises having this thinking of holding any stock for an extended period to get the value-added benefit.

As over the long haul maybe ten years, the worth of the stock is to increment in value no matter what.

Additionally, there is this quote by Buffett that:

“The most important investment that one can make is in yourself.”

It is meaning that becoming aware of oneself and investing in oneself is one of the best ways for sound finance accumulation.

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